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Charcoal Making Mills

Production Line 340

The following raw materials such as waste wood, coconut shell, rice husks, nut shell, etc. can be carbonized and then turned into charcoal. 

Charcoal Forming Machine
Charcoal Forming Machine

The production line for making charcoal is a line that produces long charcoal rods. It mainly generates charcoal through the steps of carbonizing the raw materials, crushing, shaping, and drying. Also, the shape of the charcoal rods produced can be customized, achieving the diversity of charcoal production.

Charcoal Making Mills

Raw Materials Of Charcoal Making Plant

The raw materials for charcoal production are quite extensive and can utilize the resources around us. For instance, some waste wood, coconut shells, rice husks, nut shells, etc. can be carbonized to make charcoal. Thus, charcoal production is an environmentally friendly project as it can recycle certain waste resources.


Compared with regular wood, this type of biomass charcoal has the advantages of being easy to ignite, having a high calorific value (increasing by 20% or more), causing less pollution, having a high specific gravity, and being easy to store and transport. This machine is capable of making greater use of agricultural and forestry residues such as crop straw or wood scraps.


In the whole briquetting plant, the briquetting machine plays a core and crucial part. The following paragraph mainly describes the types of briquetting machines and their main usages:

A Hammermill machine can crush the charcoal after carbonized.
Charcoal mixer
Put into the wheel grinder mixer, add water and binder in the machine, mix and stir.
The mixed carbon powder is put into the machine, and then the charcoal forming machine will use the power to push out the charcoal from the head of the mold
Charcoal Dryer

This briquette machine line is fitted with a box-type dryer. It is able to dry charcoal rapidly. Of course, you can also opt for natural drying, but it might take a longer period.

Charcoal produced possesses high strength and a long burning duration.

Fully automated production leads to high production efficiency.

The machine design is compact and takes up a small area.

Charcoal Making Machine
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