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2-3T/H Biomass Pellet Machine Production Line In Cambodia

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Cambodian customers ordered wood pellet machines and other auxiliary equipment from us. This production line is a 2-3 tons/hour wood pellet production line.

The materials provided by the customer include pine and poplar. After the wood chips are crushed and pressed, their calorific value can reach 4200-4500 kcal. In addition, after the straw is pressed into straw pellets, its calorific value can reach 3900-4100 kcal, so some people call it a straw pelletizer.

Our wood pellet machine, straw pellet machine, bamboo pellet machine, and other biomass energy equipment are equipped with 18 national patent technologies. With extensive experience in mechanical processing, we consistently uphold our promise to deliver cost-effective products and services to our customers.

We welcome customers from around the world to visit our company for inspection and guidance. You can reach us via WhatsApp at +86 18639007198

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