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Blog - Durable Pellet Mills

  • Functions and advantages of pet feed extruder


    As the pet market becomes increasingly prosperous, the quality and taste of pet feed have become the focus of pet owners' concerns. In order to meet market demand and improve the nutritional value and digestion and absorption rate of pet feed, pe...

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  • Market prospects of charcoal machine


    The market prospect of charcoal machines seems to be quite potential at the moment. This is mainly due to the following factors: To sum up, the market prospect of charcoal machines is quite broad. However, before entering this indust...

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  • Application fields of charcoal machine


    The mechanical charcoal machine equipment is a machine that crushes raw materials such as bamboo and wood sawdust, peanut shells, corncobs, etc. into particles within 10mm through a wood chip crusher, then dries and shapes them in a drying machin...

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  • Characteristics of charcoal machine


    Charcoal machine is the general name of a series of equipments on the production line of mechanized charcoal, including stick making machine, crusher, dryer, carbonization furnace, conveyor, distributor, etc. The use of charcoal machine has reduc...

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  • Charcoal Stick Making Machine


    In today's society, where environmental protection and resource recycling are increasingly emphasized, the charcoal stick making machine has become an ideal choice for many investors and manufacturing enterprises due to its superior performance a...

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  • Application of charcoal in metal smelting industry


    Charcoal is a widely used resource that plays a role in various industries. Similarly, as a sustainable reducing agent and alternative fuel, the application of charcoal in the metal smelting industry has gradually attracted attention. Modern char...

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  • Materials for making fuel briquettes


    Biomass briquettes, serving as an alternative to fossil fuels, have become a frequently utilized energy source in developing countries due to their renewable, environmentally friendly, and highly available nature. Utilizing fuel briquette presses...

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  • what affects the quality of wood pellet


    Pellet quality is always a top concern for end users. As a pellet manufacturer, do you have a clear understanding of the factors that contribute to your product's quality? Typically, the composition of raw materials, the type of binding agent u...

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  • Why use wood pellets for cooking


    Using flavored wood pellets such as hickory, maple, cherry, and others for smoking is an excellent way to create delicious smoked food. Preparing your own food with pellets made specifically by a pellet mill for home use offers the ultimate exper...

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  • Easy to make wood briquettes in winter


    In the chilly winter, warmth is undoubtedly what you crave most. Gathered around the cozy fireplace on the comfortable sofa with your loved ones, you feel an indescribable sense of warmth and happiness. However, as the fire gradually fades, the c...

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