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Application fields of charcoal machine

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The mechanical charcoal machine equipment is a machine that crushes raw materials such as bamboo and wood sawdust, peanut shells, corncobs, etc. into particles within 10mm through a wood chip crusher, then dries and shapes them in a drying machine before putting them into a carbonization furnace for carbonization. The charcoal produced by this charcoal machine has a high density, small volume, and good flammability, which can replace firewood and coal. This product is especially suitable for heating kangs in autumn and winter in northern areas, warming greenhouses, or as ordinary domestic fuel.

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The complete set of charcoal machine equipment consists of rod-making machine, carbonization furnace, drying machine, and other devices. The production process of the charcoal machine involves crushing the materials, drying them, shaping them with a rod-making machine, and then carbonizing them. The main equipment includes a crusher, a drying machine, a rod-making machine, and a carbonization furnace, which are arranged in order for production. The rod-making machine and drying machine are specialized machinery for manufacturing mechanical charcoal.

The drying machine can automatically feed and dry the materials in one pass, with no material escaping from the exhaust port and the discharge port, ensuring a natural fall of the materials. It can supply four rod-making machines for production. The rod-making machine with automatic temperature control can adjust the density of the rods at any time, ensuring the quality of the finished rods.

Branches, leaves, sawdust, and other agricultural waste can be used as raw materials. After being crushed, pressed, and densified, they can be used as a substitute for traditional coal, hence the name “straw coal.” It is an emerging fuel. The production process involves cutting the materials with a grass cutter or crushing them with a crusher, ensuring that the particle size and moisture content are within the specified range. The materials are then evenly fed into the inlet of the shaping machine by a conveyor belt or manually, and pressed into the final product.

charcoal machine equipment

The charcoal produced by the mechanical charcoal making machine is also known as artificial charcoal, recycled charcoal, smoke-free clean charcoal, or mechanical charcoal. It is a rod-shaped product made by compressing wooden scraps. The raw materials for rod charcoal are diverse, including rice husks, peanut shells, cotton husks, corn cobs, corn stalks, sorghum stalks, etc. However, sawdust, planer shavings, and bamboo scraps are considered the best raw materials. With a high density and calorific value, it is smoke-free, odorless, pollution-free, non-explosive, and easy to ignite, making it a globally recognized green and environmentally friendly product.

Currently, the grade classification of mechanical charcoal is mostly determined by its factory price. Low-temperature charcoal is porous, has a low carbon content, and poor mechanical strength. It feels lightweight when held, and is mainly used in industrial and agricultural applications (such as silicon smelting factories), heating, and for hot pots. Medium-temperature charcoal is denser than low-temperature charcoal and has a slightly higher carbon content. It feels heavier when held and is mainly used for barbecuing, as well as in industrial and agricultural applications. High-temperature charcoal is produced through high-temperature furnaces. It is solid and heavy, capable of sinking in water. When tapped, it produces a metallic sound. It has a high carbon content, low volatile matter and ash content, and burns without flames. Its durability is three times that of low-temperature charcoal and twice that of medium-temperature charcoal. It is suitable for all applications where charcoal is used, especially for high-end barbecuing and exports.

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