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Sawdust Briquette Machine

Features at a Glance

Nearly all kinds of biomass wastes can be recycled

Spare parts can be replaced easily

The final pini kay briquettes can be used as fuel directly

This briquette machine can be used with a smoke removal device

The industrial sawdust briquette press machine is also known as the biomass briquette machine and pini kay extruder machine. This biomass briquettes press is mainly used to extrude rice husks, sawdust, wood shavings, and wood powder into solid rods under higher density under high temperature and high-pressure conditions. 

The sawdust briquette machine adopts electric heating, which can pyrolyze the lignin in the raw materials. So that the raw materials such as rice husk or sawdust can be bonded together.

In addition, the screw propeller inside the briquette machine can extrude the sawdust from the molding die to produce solid sawdust logs of various shapes. The produced biomass briquettes can usually be used directly as fuels, or they can be reprocessed to make charcoal products.

Raw materials for making sawdust briquettes

Sawdust, crop straw powder(corn stalk, soybean stalk, sorghum stalk, cotton stalk, rape stalk, peanut seedling, sunflower stalk), rice husks, grass, shrub branches, bamboo and wood cutting head, material head, bagasse, coconut shell powder, bamboo powder, palm kernel shell powder, etc.

Almost all wood waste materials and farmland straws can be used to process sawdust briquettes. But these raw materials need to be pre-processed first, such as crushing and drying, before they can be processed by the sawdust briquettes maker.

rice husk
rice husk

Features of the raw materials for briquetting

  1. Raw materials such as branches and straws need to be crushed by the sawdust crusher machine. The fineness of sawdust cannot exceed 8mm. The size commonly used by users is 5mm.
  2. The humidity of sawdust or rice husk needs to be controlled at about 8%-12%. If the humidity is too high, we can use a sawdust dryer machine for rapid drying.

Sawdust briquette press description

The sawdust briquette press is usually used in the charcoal production line. The biomass materials for briquetting by the sawdust briquette extruder machine should be crushed by the wood crusher first, like bamboo, wood branches, fruit shell, straw (including paddy straw and wheat straw), corn stalk, cotton stem, and so on.

These biomass materials’ diameter should be less than 5mm. And then these biomass materials should be dried by the airflow dryer or rotary dryer to reduce their moisture content below 12%. In the end, the sawdust briquettes making machine can extrude the biomass powder intobiomass briquettes(pini kay)without any binder.

Sawdust brick press machine

Sawdust brick press machine can extrude the loose raw materials into solid biomass bars with central holes (generally 4-angle and hexagonal bars) through a series of processes of the screw propeller, heating ring, forming a cylinder and cone sleeve, and through high-temperature and high-pressure process, to prepare for the next step of carbonization.

This pini kay extruder machine has the advantages of high quality, small size, and good flammability. Most of the general products are in the shape of four or six angles cylinders with 48, 50, and 80mm outer diameters. The utility model can also be made into spherical, granular, and honeycomb briquettes. So that it can meet different clients’ needs.

Manual of sawdust briquette machine

Structure of biomass briquette machine

♦ Motor. The motor power of the briquettes-making machine varies according to different models, generally between 18.5-22kw. The motors used in our factory are all copper core motors with sufficient power and long service life.

♦ Feeding inlet. The feed port of the machine can be added with an extended funnel, which is convenient for feeding and using. The screw inside the feed inlet can push the material forward.

♦ Belt pulley. When working, the motor will drive the belt pulley to run, so that to push the raw materials forward.

♦ PLC controller. When using large models of machines, we usually equip this electric control cabinet. Especially when the machine is used in the charcoal production line, the electric control cabinet can ensure the safe use of electricity.

♦ Heating part. The heating ring is usually sleeved on the outside of the forming cylinder. These heating coils are vulnerable parts. When customers purchase the equipment, they usually purchase many heating coils for spare use.

♦ Extruding molds. The extrusion molding part of the machine is mainly determined by the molding cylinder. The forming cylinder can be replaced with different shapes and different diameters.

When this machine is working, under the driving of the motor, the inner screw propeller will push the materials into the molding tube smoothly with high temperature and high pressure, and the finished pini kay briquetes can be produced at a steady speed.

The spare parts are made of wear-resistant materials in the sawdust briquette machine so that it has high working efficiency and long service life. The normal size of the wood rod is 50mm or 48mm hollow rod.

The product has the advantages of high density, small size, and good flammability, and can replace firewood and coal burning. The general product outer diameter is 50-60mm, the aperture is 15-20mm, hollow hexagonal, octagonal, or circular.

Rice husk briquettes making machine features

  1. Biomass briquette machine with reasonable design, reliable quality, simple structure, comprehensive function, and labor-saving, which has strong applicability, all kinds of materials can easily be molded into the bar.
  2. The machine adopts the automatic electronic temperature control system, which can adjust the molding temperature at random and intuitively understands the working state of the equipment. Improved molding rate and working efficiency.
  3. The screw propeller of the briquettes press machine is made of 35cr high-quality steel, and after heat treatment, it has high hardness, toughness, and abrasion resistance.
  4. The forming cylinder of the sawdust briquetting machine is made of high-wear-resisting steel composite, with high toughness and hardness. Working life is much higher than the products of the same industry.
  5. It adopts a 15kw motor, which guarantees the stability of the equipment (11kw is the most commonly used motor in the market, the molding rate is very low, and it is easy to burn out due to overload).

Sawdust briquette maker’s technical parameters

Capacity ( kg/h)160-200220-260280-320
Motor15 kW18.5 kW22 kW
Electric heating power3*1.5kW3*1.5kW3*1.5kW
Dimension (mm)1700*660*13001860*800*13601900*900*1450

sawdust briquettes extruder machine parameters

Note for briquette press machine parameters

  • The output and energy consumption of different models of this machine is different, and customers can choose according to their own needs. Of course, if you tell us your processing requirements, we can recommend suitable models for you and provide complete briquettes processing solutions for your reference.
  • The output of a single briquette machine is indeed limited, which is determined by the processing characteristics of the machine. But don’t worry, if your processing output is large, we can configure multiple equipment for you, and design drawings for your biomass briquettes factory according to your budget.

Is briquette making profitable?

Thinking back now, how do you usually dispose of waste wood, sawdust, wood scraps, and various straws? accumulation? burn? Landfill? Undoubtedly, the above processing methods not only waste storage space and pollute the air but also cost a lot of money.

So why not consider trying to process these biomass wastes into high-value-added briquettes? Now that the price of fuel resources is rising, biomass briquettes are undoubtedly an ideal fuel substitute. Not only will it help recycle waste wood and sawdust, but it will also generate good income for your briquette business.

How to install and test the sawdust briquette maker machine?

In the charcoal production line, this biomass briquette machine is an important piece of equipment for making pini kay(sawdust briquettes) which can also be named sawdust briquettes or charcoal briquettes. Only the high-quality pini kay can be further carbonized into charcoal.

Therefore, it is vital to master knowledge how to install and debug the sawdust briquette machine. The following is useful guidance to help you.

How to install and debug the sawdust briquettes machine?

It is not difficult for you to do the installation and debugging if you followed these instructions step by step as below. Do as per the instructions told in order so you can ensure the safe production of pini kay and charcoal.

  • Keep the sawdust briquette machine steady in the horizontal direction and tighten all the connection bolts, especially the four bolts of the horizontal fixed molding cylinder, to connect the electrical appliances and power lines.
  • Check whether or not the bearing parts of the machine have been added lubricating oil, if not, we must carry on the appropriate lubrication.
  • Check whether the power supply voltage of the sawdust briquette machine is normal. Make sure the fuselage is well-grounded. In addition, it is strictly prohibited that people stand in front of the forming barrel of the machine during the test.
  • Make the machine run in the positive and negative directions for 5 minutes respectively under no load, and then observe whether the propeller operates flexibly in the positive and reverse direction and whether there are no obvious abnormal phenomena such as shaft sticking and friction (it is normal if there is slight friction sound). If there is no abnormality, normal production can be carried out. When any abnormality is found in the testing, it shall be stopped immediately to find out the reason, and then the no-load operation shall be carried out after troubleshooting.
  • Adjust the temperature control instrument of the sawdust briquette machine to the required temperature (300 ℃ — 380 ℃). When the temperature reaches the preset temperature, then stop heating, and the red indicator on the temperature controller will light up, which indicates the completion of heating.

Start the forward button of the machine to make the machine run normally and slowly add the materials. Pay attention to not too much feeding at the same time, and observe the extrusion of materials from the molding cylinder. When pini-kay gradually formed, we can do the normal feeding. Until the machine produces a qualified pini-kay product, the test is successful, and then can proceed to the normal production operation.When the material is extruded normally, we should pay attention to observe the color of pini-kay and check the heating temperature. When pini-kay was light brown, it was normal. When pini kay is black, it shall adjust the temperature gauge and steadily reduced 5 ℃; When pini kay color is too shallow and the equipment is running hard, which is heralding that the temperature is too low, we should be to raise the temperature gauge to 5 ℃, until the pini kay color is normal.When the temperature is normal, but the materials cannot be extruded, which indicates that the propulsion shaft shall be removed in time. And adjust and repair the angle of the propeller shaft and the clearance between the propeller shaft and the forming cylinder.Before the machine is stopped, make the hopper free of materials. And reverse operate the machine for 1 minute immediately after it is stopped to make the raw materials in the molding cylinder exit. Continue to heat for about 20 minutes, so that the residual raw materials in the forming cylinder are completely carbonized, which is convenient for starting the machine next time.Stress again that the machine must be well-grounded in the working process, so as to ensure safe production.

Biomass briquette extruder machine with the newest design

How to make pini kays with sawdust briquette press?—Working video

Customer cases of sawdust briquettes extruder machine

The Saudi customer visited the Durable charcoal machine factory and ordered a sawdust briquette machine for processing hexagonal sawdust briquettes.

Tanzanian customers bought a rice husk briquette machine to produce high calorific value pini kay briquettes and then sold a large number of briquettes to local restaurants, hotels, and bathhouses for heating boiler fuel.

Complete sawdust briquette charcoal processing machines were exported to Nigeria. This Nigerian customer has been in the charcoal production business for 3 years and has a good understanding of various charcoal processing methods.

How to determine the motor power of pini kay briquettes extruder machine?

Different types of pini kay briquettes extruder machines have different motor powers, and correspondingly, their output is also different. The motor power of the common sawdust briquette machine is 15kw, 18.5kw, and 22kw.

Customers can choose the corresponding machine model according to their own output requirements. We can also customize suitable motors for customers according to their production needs.

How to control the temperature of sawdust briquettes extruding?

To use a sawdust briquette machine to make high-quality biomass briquettes, it is necessary to master the temperature control method. If the temperature is not well controlled, the color, density, and shape of the finished briquettes may not be ideal.

When using sawdust briquettes extruder machine, we need to start the heating function of the machine in advance and preheat the temperature of its heating ring to about 200℃. Then gradually add sawdust or rice husk to the feed port of the machine.

Observe the color and molding effect of the briquettes made from the discharge port. If there are many cracks on the surface of briquettes, or the color is light brown, the heating temperature is too low, and the heating ring needs to be heated to about 280°C.

If the color of the made briquettes is brown-black, it means that the temperature is too high, and the temperature cannot be continued at this time, but the production of materials should be continued, and the temperature of the belt will naturally decrease to a suitable temperature.

Connection method of the heating ring for biomass briquette machine

The heating ring of the biomass briquette machine is the main part of forming materials such as sawdust and rice husk. However, after long-term use, the heating ring and its wires will be damaged.

Therefore, the user needs to replace and rewire the heating ring of the briquette machine. The wiring of the heating coil needs to follow a certain wiring method. If the wrong wire is connected, it will not be used.

What will affect the production efficiency of sawdust briquette maker?

When using acommercial sawdust briquette maker machine to make briquettes, you must pay attention to the control of the humidity of the raw materials, the control of the heating temperature, and the degree of wear of the machine’s accessories.

Only by paying attention to the control of these influencing factors can the production efficiency of the sawdust briquettes extruder machine be improved.

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