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8-10T/H Wood Pellet Machine Production Line In Mexico

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Mexican customers conducted extensive research to find suitable biomass processing equipment and discovered that Durable is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacture of biomass pellet machines and feed pellet machines.

Following discussions, the customer authorized a local acquaintance to visit the company in mid-July 2020. During the visit, the customer toured our equipment exhibition hall, processing workshop, and test area, and proceeded to sign the order on site.

The company supplied the customer with the ordered annual production line of 20,000 tons for biomass pellet machines on September 13, 2020. This comprehensive production line comprises the main biomass pellet machine, wood shredder, triple-pass dryer, and feeding conveying equipment.

Durable Machinery, with extensive experience as a pellet equipment manufacturer, is dedicated to offering high-quality products and solutions to the public. We extend a warm welcome to all sectors of society to engage in discussions regarding potential cooperation.

Biomass pellet production line
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