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Branch shredders are also called wood shredder slices, which can cut branches and branches with a diameter of 1-20 cm. They are mainly used for processing pine, miscellaneous wood, poplar, fir, raw bamboo and other wood products. Suitable for machining wood chips in fungal cultures. At the same time, the equipment can also be used for dry bamboo, thatch, corn stalks, high Chips of fibrous rod-shaped materials such as beams, the output is flakes.

Features of the mobile wood shredder machine

The mobile tree shredder has the characteristics of small size, less land occupation, low investment, low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy use and maintenance, etc. Its fineness can also be adjusted according to the size of the sieve bottom aperture. The machine self-priming feeds and is safe. The coefficient is high, and the organic lower seat and the motor frame are combined into one, all of which are made of steel structure, which improves work efficiency and work stability. Two sets of flat knives and one set of fixed knives are designed at the feed inlet, which reduces the resistance during crushing, increases the crushing force, and increases the output.

The mobile branch shredder is mainly used for road landscaping, landscaping, orchard tree branch processing and crop processing, etc., for landscaping, orchard, community landscaping, sanitation landscaping, road lawn landscaping, woods, etc. After crushing, do it on the spot Organic fertilizers, or burners. After crushing, it can be directly sprayed into the transport vehicle, and its transport volume is 1/10 of the transport volume of the original branches. It is easy to move, easy to operate and convenient to protect.

Hydraulic feeding system

The pressure roller is automatically adjusted in height, hydraulic feeding, reasonable structure, automatic feeding, safe and convenient.

Manganese Steel Roller Knife

The blade is made of manganese steel knife, which is tough, wear-resistant, sharp in cutting, not easy to rust, corrosion-resistant, and has a longer service life than ordinary steel knives.

A eight blade

The special chipper blade has a sharp edge, high hardness and long service life.

Digital display control system

High engine load automatically stops feeding,load decreases and automatically stars feeding.

Large diameter workbench

1.35m large-diameter workbench, which can be used by 2 people to feed materials at the same time.

Round discharge pipe

One-time heat drawn circular discharge

pipe, 2.5 meters high, no material jams

during discharge.

M type feed roller

The feed roller adopts the M wave design to increase the friction with the wood.

360 degree rotating discharge

The discharge pipe rotates 360 degrees,the discharge direction can be adjusted at will, and the scraps are directly loaded and transported away.

Diesel engines

Famous brand diesel engine, convenient for mobile operation, strong power. Strong choice.

Simple structure, small size, light weight, low loss, high efficiency, durable, energy efficient, flexible operation, economical and practical, and low cost.

Large compression ratio, high conversion of mechanical energy, low fuel consumption, good economic performance, not limited by site, precise fuel system, reliable and durable, less failure and less pollution.

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