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Difference between biomass pellet machines

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As we all know, biomass pellet machines are mainly divided into two types: ring-die pellet machines and flat-die pellet machines. Therefore, when purchasing pellet machine equipment, it is necessary to have a certain understanding of these two pellet machines. Next, I will introduce to you the main differences between these two pellet machines.

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There are two main forms of feeding:

First of all, the ring die biomass pellet mill uses a mechanically forced feeding method. In this method, the material is distributed into the pelletizer by centrifugal force generated by high speed rotation. However, this feeding method relies on scrapers to distribute the material and therefore may lead to uneven feeding.

Secondly, the flat die biomass pellet mill adopts a different feeding method. It is made to enter the pressing chamber vertically by the weight of the material itself. This design helps to achieve uniform feeding of materials.

Compare Vertical Ring Die Pellet Mill Machine

Compare Vertical Ring Die Pellet Mill Machine

Regarding pressure, the differences between the two are as follows:

First of all, when the ring-die biomass pellet machine works in a mold of the same diameter, the diameter of its pressing wheel is restricted by the diameter of the ring-die mold, so the amount of pressure it can generate is limited.

Secondly, the diameter of the pressing wheel of the flat-die biomass pellet machine is not limited by the diameter of the die. This allows a larger bearing space to be designed inside the machine, and larger bearings can be selected to enhance the bearing capacity of the pressure wheel. This design not only improves the pressing force of the pressure wheel, but also significantly extends the service life of the pressure wheel.

In terms of discharging method, the ring-die biomass pellet machine has a high rate of material breakage when discharged due to its high speed characteristics. Relatively speaking, the flat-die biomass pellet machine adopts a low-speed design, which results in a low material damage rate.

There are also significant differences between the two in terms of the adjustment methods of the pressure roller:

The ring-die biomass pellet machine adjusts the pressure through two screws on the eccentric wheel in the center of the pressure wheel. This method is relatively direct but may not be flexible enough.

The flat-die biomass pellet machine uses a more advanced threaded wire column m100 central adjustment mechanism. This mechanism can provide strong pushing force while ensuring smooth falling, soft impact and uniform pressure. What’s more worth mentioning is that the flat-die biomass pellet machine supports two modes of rotational manual and hydraulic automatic adjustment, providing users with greater operational convenience and adjustment accuracy.

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