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Disc Wood Chipper Crusher Machine

Wood chipper crusher machine is also known as wood slicer, wood crusher and tree chipper which is an important device in wood material processing industry. Wood slicer machine mainly uses wood logs, large branches, brushwood, wood slab, waste veneer, bamboo, etc. as materials and processes them into wood pieces s or slices with certain specifications. Our wood chipper crusher machine can be divided into disc wood chipper and drum wood chipper, customers can make their own decisions based on raw materials, budgets and other specific requirements.

Disc Wood Chipping Crusher Machine Introduction

Disc wood chipper crusher machine is named for the disc plate with blades attached. It is a specially designed and easily operated wood chipping machine. Disc wood chipper can produce supreme quality wood chips for wood pellet factory, paper mill, wood shaving mill, fiberboard factory and wood pieces base. The finished wood slices are with uniform length,low breakage and flat incision. Our disc wood chipper can be made in fixed type and movable type, thus it is convenient to use. Fixed type equipped with an electric motor, movable type equipped with the diesel engine. Diesel engine type add wheels to make the diesel engine type movable. According to the feed method points and ramus feeding and flat mouth feeding two types.

The machine can be adjusted according to the need to cut the blade, the production of different specifications and thickness of the wood. In order to meet the different requirements of the length of wood chips in papermaking, fiberboard and particleboard industry, the length of wood chips can be adjusted within a certain range. Disc chipper, compact and reasonable structure, easy operation, large production capacity, wood chips pass rate is high, the unit of wood production of low energy consumption, is the ideal production of high quality wood chips.

Wood Chipper Crusher Machine Working Process:

Wood Chipper crusher Machine is composed of these main parts: base foundation, chipping body, straight transmit gearing and power engine. The chipping part of the disc wood chipper machine is the disc blades in the chipping body. The disc and the chipping blades welded on the disc rotating fast together. Then the wood materials are transmitted to the chipping place by the transmission device. The wood materials encounter the rotating chipping blades and are cut into wood chips. As the wood materials get shorter, the transmission device will transmit them to the same chipping place. Finally, the wood chips are processed with flat incision, even length and uniform chip thickness.

Wood Chipper Crusher Machine Specifications

ModelPower(kw)Mainshaft speed (r/min)Blade quantity (pieces)Cutterhead diameter (mm)Weight (kg)Capacity (t/h)

Where can the disc wood chipper crusher be used?

The wood chipper crusher can process logs, wood, and branches under 50cm in diameter into chips with a diameter ranging from 0.3cm to 1.2cm. Wood chipper machine is one of the main equipment of the whole compressed wooden pallet production line. Except making wooden pallet for logistics transportation, wood chipper machine is widely used in the production of paper making, edible fungus, shaving board, sawdust, high density board, fiber board and so on. As the famous wood chipper machine manufacturer in China, Shanghai Pallet Machinery provides customers with high quality wood chipper machine on wholesale price.

Advantages Of Disc Chipper Crusher For Sale

  • Simple structure, compact arrangement, cheap price, stable work, low energy consumption, high output, good quality, and low cost of the finished product.
  • The chipping blade of wood chipper machine can be adjusted to produce different sizes and thicknesses wood chips, to meet the paper, fiberboard, particleboard industry requirements of different length wood chips.
  • Feed level and tilt in two ways, the output material is also on the material and the next two ways.
  • Wide range of applications. In addition to wood, it can also be used to chip bamboo, thatch, corn stalks, sorghum stalks, and other fibrous culm-like materials.
  • Wood log chipper with high output, low energy consumption, high-quality wood chips, and high-cost performance.
  • Easy operation, low and simple maintenance, long working life and low noise.
  • For a big model disc wood chipper we can equip a feeding flat conveyor and discharge conveyor to make the feeding and discharge much easier.

Wood Chippers Crusher In Factory

The common type of disc wood chipper is for the small-scale production of wood chips. For this type, the inlet is inclined, which is convenient for processing wood with a small diameter and the exit is upward type, which is convenient for the machine to spurt the cut wood chips quickly.

If you want to do a large-scale wood chips production, you can choose another type of wood chipper which has a flat inlet and a downward outlet and can equip with a conveyor. Both the inlet and outlet can equip with a conveyor because the materials to be chipped with a larger diameter and are heavier in this type of wood chipper.

Industrial log chipper sold to Indonesia

A customer from Indonesia wanted a wood chipper to make wood chips and sell them. Since the wood chips were to be sold, the quality of the machine was required to be very high. When he contacted us, we recommended this chipper to him based on his requirements. The information included photos of various shapes of the machine, working videos, parameters, etc. After browsing, the Indonesia customer was very satisfied with the machine and asked for a trial run. Our sales manager came to the factory for a test run, with a video link throughout. After observing the effect of the machine, the Indonesia customer immediately placed an order. We finally shipped the machine by sea to his country.

Wood Chippers Crusher Manufacturer

In order to meet the market high quality, high efficiency, high-grade requirements, our company on the disc-type wood chippers series of products year after year to update, and continuously improve product quality. The company series of wood chipper exported to many European countries. At present, our company series disc chipper cutter with wear-resistant pad chrome, Flying knife, the end of the knife, flying knife with special steel made of special. Large disc-type wood chipper tool changer door with push-pull and manual two, available for users to buy. Bringing together the latest technology, the new large-scale disc chippers high yield, low energy consumption, wood chip high quality, cost-effective.

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