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Drum Type Wood Chipper

A wood chipper is a machine used for crushing wood, generally tree logs or branches, into smaller woodchips. They are often portable, being mounted on wheels on frame suitable for various working environment. There are two kinds of wood chipper according to structure design: disc-type wood chipper and drum-type wood chipper. Disc wood chipper is usually used in papermaking industries for it’s mainly process wood logs, while drum wood chipper can process both wood logs and agro stalks in various size.

As one of the main machines of the wood chip preparation section, it can also be used for a single machine for producing wood chips. This kind of machine is mainly used to chip wood logs, wood cutting remains (wood branching tree stumps, branches, etc.) and waste material from wood working industry (slab, lath, logs core and waste veneer, etc). Wood chip size is adjustable upon clients’ requirements. It can also cut non-wood materials, like sugar cane, bulrush,gross bamboo and so on. The compact and reasonable structure, simple operation, high production capacity, operation, high production capacity, safety and reliability, and convenient maintenance and is a more advanced one at present. It’s a good under-servant for your biomass pellet plant!

The Inner Structure of Wood Chipper Shredder

Wood drum chipper can be made into fixed type and movable type according to chipping materials. It is composed of machine rack,blade roller, hopper, conveyor and hydraulic system. The machine body is welded of high strength steel plates and support the whole chipper working. There are two or four blades fixed on blade roller. Because of the different depth of raw materials, the upper roller can float up and down within certain limits under the role of hydraulic system. The regular wood chips then go through screening sieve while the larger ones need extra chipping.

Drum Wood Chipper Applications

Our wood drum chipper is versatile and suitable to chip a myriad of raw materials for wood pelletizing.

  • – for wood materials, it can chip undersized branches, slabs, plump wood, panels manufacturing, leftovers of furniture factories, plant fibers and so on.
  • – for non-wood materials, drum chipper is fit for sugarcane stalk, bulrush and bamboo.
  • – Necessary device in complete wood pellet plant.
  • – Fixed chipper shredder and mobile chipper shredder are all available for home and industrial use.
  • – Best equipment to clean up twigs and leaves in garden and to prepare for compost and pellet production.

Performance Features of Drum-type Wood Chipper

  • 1. Wood logs with diameter from 16-35 cm can be processed smoothly. And we also has more large scale heavy duty wood chippers, which can chip larger wood logs or trunks in diameter above 450 mm till up to 700 mm.
  • 2. Processed chips length can be freely adjusted.
  • 3. Equipped with 2, 3 or 4 blades, the chipper can guarantee an efficient working procedure.
  • 4. Wear-resistant material for mat, high quality steel for dead knife and blades.
  • 5. Drum wood chippers can process both wood material and agro stalks.
  • 6. With compact structure, it can be operated easily.
  • 7. Double rollers are adopted for our drum type wood chipper, so is works with high efficiency.
  • 8. The wood chipper body is made of high strength steel, so it is firm, shock-resistant and causes less noise.
  • 9. There are a series of screens for your choice. So it is able to help you to chip the raw materials into the desired size and thickness to satisfy your requirements.
  • 10. With the hydraulic buffer system, the chipping machine can be simply maintained.

Drum Wood Chipping Machine Technical Data

Feeding material size160*400mm230*500mm300*680mm450*700mm
Blades amount2222
Roller turning speed592r590r650r500r
Max. Dia. Of Feed material160mm230mm300mm450mm
Wood chip size30mm30mm30mm30mm
Power of main engine45kw55kw110kw200-250kw
Feeding roller engine power2.2-3kw3-4kw4-5kw5-7.5kw
Oil pump engine power1.5kw1.5kw1.5kw3kw
Conveyor engine power3kw3kw3kw3kw
Knife number32*34*2
Inlet dimension(mm)450*700450*1000600*1250
MAX Diameter of
feeded wood(mm)
Length of Finished product(mm)383830
Capacity15-30 t/h25-40 t/h35-50 t/h
Main engine(kw)200315400
Weight (kg)118401680032000
Overall Sizes (mm)3670*2517*20503670*2817*20504360*3150*2200

Wood chipper structure and principle

The drum chipper is composed of the machine seat, tool roller, upper and lower feeding mechanism, feeding device, hydraulic buffer system and electrical control system.

The main working parts of drum type wood chipper are the drum blades, bottom blades and the transmission device. Together with the frame, blades roller, upper and under feed roller, hydraulic buffer system and electric control system, the drum wood chipper is completed. While running, the material is transmitted to the chipping place by the transmission device through the feeding inlet. Then the materials will meet the fast rotating blades on the knife roller. With help of the bottom blades, the materials are sliced into wood chips. Then the standard wood chips come out through the holes on the screen. And the wood chips with a larger size won’t come out and will be shredded once again till come out.

Equipment base

The drum chipper is made of high strength steel plate, which is the supporting foundation of the whole machine. Base tool holder support and machine holder welding as the one used to install the base tool holder. The base knife is fixed on the base with specially made high strength bolts.

The base tool holder can be freely drawn through the hole on the side of the wall panel of the machine seat, it is fixed on the machine seat by two clamping keys, and the cut wood pieces fall down through the hole of the screen mesh and are discharged from the bottom of the machine seat. Too large pieces of wood can be crushed again by a crushing rod mounted on the seat.

Knife roller

The tool roller is the working part of the drum chipper, which is welded by steel plate. It has good steel property and a moment of inertia and has passed the dynamic balance experiment. The spindle and knife roller are connected by a locking device. Its structure is simple, easy to install and disassemble, and it is reliable to use. The two ends of the spindle are supported by a centering roller bearing, and the bearing seat is fixed on the machine seat.

The knife roller is equipped with two flying knives, which are fixed on the knife roller by pressure block with specially made flying knife bolts. The tool roller and belt pulley is connected by cone sleeve, which has the advantages of high standardization degree, good centering precision, compact structure, convenient installation and disassembly, long service life and so on.

Upper and lower feeding mechanism

The lower feeding mechanism consists of a feeding roller, supporting roller, feeding roller shaft, reducer, etc. The feeding roller has a large diameter, heavy weight and coarse teeth on the surface, so it can press the raw material and make it enter the cutting position at a uniform speed. Set to ensure the length and quality of the chipper.

The upper feeding roller is fastened to the shaft by locking device, the shaft is supported by a spherical roller bearing, and the bearing seat is fixed on the upper feeding roller seat. The upper feeding roller seat is mounted on the machine seat through the pendulum shaft and can swing up and down around the pendulum shaft, thus ensuring that he can automatically adapt to the feed height.

The lower feeding roller shaft and the cleaning roller are supported by spherical roller bearings respectively, and the bearing seat is fixed on the machine seat.

The upper and lower feeding roller shaft adopts the welded square shaft structure, the feeding roller is a four-piece split type, and the screw is connected with the feeding roller shaft, which has the advantages of simple and quick replacement. The upper and lower deceleration motor drives the upper and lower feeding rollers respectively. The rotation direction of the upper feeding roller is the same as that of the cutter roller, and the rotation direction of the lower feeding roller is opposite to that of the cutter roller.


The feeding device is a belt conveyor, which consists of a head wheel, a tail wheel, a belt and a frame. The head wheel is driven by the lower feeding roller through the chain and the belt is driven by the head wheel to feed the raw material into the feeding port.

Why Choose Our Drum Wood Chipper?

To make premium wood chips, a suitable wood chipper is the core issue. When choosing a wood chipper, you should take the supplier, machine quality, function lifespan, your cost budget, and the after-sales service all into your consideration. Scientific design and exquisite processing technology, our drum wood chipper works more smoothly and has a longer lifespan. Our after-sales service is reliable as well. In all, if you want to start your own wood pellet plant our wood chipper is your ideal choice!

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