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How to use wood pellet machine?

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Wood pellet machine, also known as wood pellet press or wood pellet mill, is widely popular worldwide due to the advancement of biomass energy. As biomass energy continues to develop, various production technologies have emerged to convert biomass into heat and electricity, with the wood pellet machine being a key player in this process. By converting raw materials into highly efficient biomass fuel, the wood pellet machine contributes to the production of energy-dense forms that facilitate transportation, storage, and utilization throughout the value chain. The future of biomass energy is continuously evolving, with the aim of gradually replacing traditional fuels. Furthermore, the wood pellet machine also offers business opportunities, making it increasingly significant in both our daily lives and various industries.

Raw materials

Wood pellet machine is designed to process raw materials such as sawdust, wood, peanut shells, straw, leaves, and more. In today’s market, there are various types of pellet mills available, with the flat die pellet mills and ring die pellet mills being two common varieties. The wood pellet mill has the capability to process raw materials of varying sizes, and the pellet size can be customized using the hammer mill.

To understand how a wood pellet machine works, Durable will introduce the process of producing wood pellets using a homemade pellet mill and a complete pellet plant.

Depending on specific applications, individuals can choose between the homemade pellet mill, also known as the small pellet mill, and the complete pellet plant. The homemade pellet mill is designed for ease of handling and can fulfill the requirements of home use. On the other hand, the complete plant is typically utilized in factory settings for larger scale production.

The homemade wood pellet mill is designed for home use, allowing individuals to produce wood pellets at home using a small pellet mill. These wood pellets can be utilized as fuel for home heating, barbecuing, or for the fireplace, offering the convenience of homemade fuel production.

Clients have the option to choose from four types of engines for the homemade pellet machine: electric motor, diesel, PTO, and gasoline motor. Depending on their specific requirements, clients can select the most suitable type. For those unsure about how to choose the homemade pellet mill, a free guide is available for every client. Additionally, direct contact with us or submitting an inquiry is also encouraged for further assistance.

Electric Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill

How does a homemade wood pellet mill work? Take an electric pellet mill as a sample.

To operate the homemade pellet mill, you should first turn it on. Then, proceed to add the raw materials into the wood pellet machine. As per GEMCO’s recommendation, you should incorporate 20% sand, 65% biomass raw materials, and 15% used oil if the pellet mill is being used for the first time.

Once the raw materials are loaded into the working room, they will spread on the millstone. As the spindle drives the disc to rotate, the pressure roller continuously rolls over the raw materials, squeezing them into the die hole. The raw materials go through the process of forming and preservation in the die hole, and after a certain period of time, they are extruded in a cylindrical state. Subsequently, the cutter will trim the formed pellets, resulting in the material being shaped into pellets without the need for water or glue in the molding process. This sums up the procedure of the homemade pellet mill.

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