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Russian customers inspect wood pellet mill

Blog 130

On August 9, Russian customers came to our factory from far away to inspect the complete sets of wood chip pellet mill.

wood chip pellet mill

Firstly, we visited our pellet mill parts processing workshop and pellet mill showroom with our customers. In the showroom, the Russian customers showed great interest in the wood chip pellet machine, greatly appreciated our environmental protection pelletizing equipment, and gave us a thumbs up continuously during the visit.

wood chip pellet mill-3

During the conversation, we understand that the raw materials of the customer are wood and construction templates piled up in the open, which are used in the combustion furnace and hot water boiler after pelletizing.

Because the raw materials are stacked in the open, the moisture is large, and need to use drying equipment. So our sales manager designed the pellet mill production line for them: crushingdryingpelletizingcoolingpacking.

Finally the customer is very satisfied with our program design, signed a formal cooperation agreement.

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