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Wood Dryer-Rotary Drum Type

Sawdust dryer is important and indispensable drying equipment in the production of wood pellets or briquettes, which can dry the high moisture content of materials to be optimal (11-17%) for pelletizing. Besides, biomass materials go through dryer can improve biomass fuel efficiency of 5-15% and lower down emission.

Sawdust dryer mainly has two types. One is rotary sawdust dryer, one is pipe sawdust dryer. Rotary sawdust dryer is for the big processing capacity, and the airflow sawdust dryer is for small processing capacity.

Drum type sawdust dryer is a common type drying machine. With reliable performance, elastic operating and strong adaptability, it is quite suitable for large capacity materials drying. Our rotary sawdust dryer is made up of hot air stove and main rotary drum which is high efficiency in drying the wood and biomass material. The capacity of drum type sawdust dryer varies from 2.5tons to 36tons. With large drying ability and low energy consumption, it is widely used in mining industry and industrial biomass pellet plant.

Many people have different names for this type of dryer. Here are some common aliases: rotary drum dryer, wood chip dryer, industrial rotary dryer, rotary vacuum paddle dryer, rotary vacuum dryer, lumber dryer, firewood dryer, sawdust dryer machine, rotary steam tube dryer, wood pellet dryer, electric rotary dryer, rotary grain dryer, biomass rotary dryer, corn straw dryer, soybean straw dryer, cotton straw dryer, bamboo chips drying equipment, corn husk rotary dryer, rice husk rotary dryer dryer, wheat straw rotary dryer, industrial efb rotary dryer, white oak sawdust drying machinery, sorghum straw dryer, wood shavings dryer, plywood dryer, leaf dryer, timber sawdust dryer, coal slime rotary dryer, suitable for straw fuel, charcoal machinery, wood pellet fuel, sawdust briquetting, agricultural and animal husbandry engineering, and other industries.

Sawdust Rotary Dryer Components

This rotary dryer is mainly composed of stove, main body, air fan, cyclone, discharge device, pipeline and electric control cabinet.

Working Principle Of Rotary Dryer

Dryer cylinder is inclined at a small angle (3-5 °) from the horizontal line.

Wet material is sent to the feeding hopper by conveyor or elevator, and hot airflow enters the cylinder together with material. As the cylinder rotates, material gradually moves from the higher end to the lower end under the effect of gravity.

There are many shoveling plates welded on the inner wall of the cylinder. Their function is to shovel and scatter the material to increase the contact surface between material and air flow, to increase the drying rate, and to promote the material moving forward.

During the forward movement of the wet material, hot air is continuously heating to dry the wet material.

Finally, the cyclone dust collector collects the materials carried by the gas, the exhaust gas and water vapor are discharged from the upper outlet, and the dried materials are discharged from the lower outlet.

Working Principle Of Rotary Dryer

Drum Sawdust Dryer Application

  • Agriculture: It can be used to dry biomass materials such as sawdust, wood chips, crop stalks, grass, leaves, etc, preparing for biomass pellet mill. drying wine lees, chicken manure, alfalfa, wood chips, wood shaving, etc. Drying agricultural products and feed processing industry products, including starch residue, fish meal, medical, pomace, bagasse, etc. It can be used to dry biomass materials such as sawdust, wood chips, crop stalks, grass, leaves, etc, preparing for biomass pellet mill.
  • Building materials industry: drying raw materials used in construction and engineering, mainly sand, river sand, yellow sand, cement, clay, grass charcoal soil, etc.
  • Industrial industry: drying industrial products or by-products, such as drying paper mill offcuts waste paper pulp, plastic waste, desulfurization gypsum, fly ash and industrial sludge, etc.
  • Mineral processing industry: used in the process of processing various mineral products after mining, to play a role in bulk drying, can dry materials such as: coal processing industry coal sludge, lignite, cinder, flotation coal, etc.; smelting processing industry ore, mineral powder, slag, copper ore, laterite nickel powder, tailing slag, etc.; sand and gravel industry quartz sand, limestone, clay, kaolin, active lime, etc.
  • Drying chemical products, including: fertilizer, metal powder, sugar, etc.

Rotary Dryers Specification


Performance Features of Large Wood Dryer-Drum Type

  • 1. High drying intensity: since the material is highly dispersed in the air stream. The entire surface area of the particles is entire effective area of the particles for drying;
  • 2. Rotary Drum dryer can change the operating parameters according to different material properties so that the material can form a stable full break fabric screen in the dryer cylinder, and the quality heat exchange is more adequate;
  • 3. Energy Saving: The consumption of large wood dryer can be lower 8% to 16% than the normal ones, with the production ratio being higher 10% to 15%;
  • 4. High expandability: capacity margin has been designed, so it is no need to change equipment even a slight increase in production;
  • 5. Environment Friendly: the special design hot air furnace can supply the clean hot air for the rotary dryer, and there is little dust and noise during working process;
  • 6. Large drying capacity, heat efficiency can be more than 80% when it is free water;
  • 7.Rotary dryer has strong overload resistance, large processing capacity, low fuel consumption, and low drying cost;
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