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Wood Hammer Mill Machine

Being one basic wood processing equipment in wood pellet plant, wood hammer mill machine is mainly adopted to grind various kinds of biomass raw materials into the required fineness. It can be used for grinding small diameter material whose diameter is less than 50mm , after grinding, the material fineness can reach to 3-5mm. After crushing, the product can be used for wood pellet, wood briquette and wood composite board production.

Generally, hammer mill is widely used to grind branches, wood shavings, sawdust, straw, cotton and corn stalks, bagasse, alfalfa, switch grass and peanut shells, etc. As one professional wood hammer mill manufacturer, we has two different kinds of hammer mills for you to choose: Small capacity hammer mill (small hammer mill) and large capacity hammer mill (water drop hammer mill).

Small Hammer Mill Introduction

Small hammer mill which has two different driving forces: electric motor and diesel engine. This kind of hammer mill cuts large pieces of materials with the diameter around 50mm into smaller pieces with the diameter from 2mm to 5mm.

Working principles of small wood hammer mill

1. Main structure: wood hammer mill is composed of feeding plate, crushing chamber, and delivery device. The rotor in the crushing room consists of disc and mobile hammer.

2. Working principle: material is put from the feeding plate and then they drop into crushing room, rubbed and impacted repeatedly on the gear board by the high speed hammer, the material is ground into the particle size as the customers’ requirements. The processed material is transported to collector by fan and conveying pipe and they will be separated again in the collector. At last, the wood powder are discharged from the bottom of the collector and air is released from the top.

Technical Parameters of Small Wood Hammer Mill Machine

 ModelPower(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
HM200 5.5300-350 900*500*800260
HM3007.5 400-5001100*550*850350
 HM400 11600-8001250*650*1000 450
 HM50022900-1000 1400*780*1250 750
 HM600 301500-20001600*850*1350 900

Large Water Drop Hammer Mill Introduction

Belonging to biomass wood mill machine, water drop wood hammer mill earns the name in virtue of its water drop shaped grinding chamber. Of course, such a structure is more for the sake of performance improvement than gorgeous appearance. Apart from this, water drop wood hammer mill also has many other unique characteristics. Double attack technology enhances its crushing effect; Advanced feeding and discharging devices make the production more convenient; Reasonable base design steady its whole body; Components welded with international standard steel plates improve its mechanical strength and lengthen its lifetime.

Large water dorp hammer mill is able to pulverize both granule and flake materials. Wood pellet plant and wood pellets making line needs this hammer mill to make the raw materials well-prepared.

This wood hammer mill adopts welded-steel plate construction. Rotors of both the electromotor and hammer mill are situated in the same foundation and driven directly by the pin coupling. Rotors, verified through dynamic balancing, can prolong life span of quick-wear parts in forward and reverse way. Hammer mill’s feeding inlet is able to get coupled with a variety of feeding facilities, with hammer blades aligned symmetrically.

Working Principle of Water Drop Wood Hammer Mill

Water drop wood hammer mill is designed to crush raw materials into smaller particles in virtue of the friction between feedstock and inner hammers as well as collision of the latter on the former. After recycling and repeating impact, large materials are squeezed out from screens on the bottom. The diameter of end products ranges from 1.5mm to 10mm according to the size of screens.

Technology Features of Water Drop Wood Hammer Mill

1. Free size switch technology: the switch between fine and coarse crushing is realized by changing the length of hammers, through which the clearance between hammers and sieves will be changed.

2. Twice strike technology: V-shaped twice strike slot is set on the bottom of crushing chamber, in virtue of which the terminal line speed of hammers can reach 80-95 per second and the capacity can truly realize an increase of 20%.

3. International energy saving technology: it adopts international energy saving technology can make the power consumption for each ton of materials achieve as low as 5.5 kw/h.

Water Drop Wood Hammer Mill Technical Parameters

Diameter of rotor (mm)660660660660660
Rotor speed (rpm)29502950295029502950
Hammer Linear Speed (m/s)102102102102102
Width of chamber (mm)45060080010001200
Hammer QTY486484116144
Power (KW)45/5575/9090/110110/132160/200
Capacity (t/h)0.8-22-33-44-55-6

Raw Materials for Wood Hammer Mill

From forestry, agricultural and fruit wastes to crops, a wide range of raw materials can be crushed by wood hammer mill.

1. Forestry wastes

Wood chips, planer shavings, wood barks, sawdust, rotten wood and tree leaves can all be crushed by water drop wood crusher. These materials are easy to get in furniture factory, paper mill or even by the roadside.

2. Agricultural materials

Both harvesting byproducts and crops themselves can be used as raw materials for biomass grinding equipment.

Harvesting byproducts: wheat straw, cotton stalk, peanut shells, corncob, grass, etc.

Crops: corn, wheat, bean, coarse cereals, dry potato, etc.

3. Fruit waste

coconut shells, palm kernel waste, olive pomace, etc.

Application of Wood Hammer Mill

Application of Wood Hammer Mill

When large materials cannot meet product manufacturing, feeding or any other needs, wood mill can be applied to grind them into required size before further processing. Such application includes industrial, agricultural, as well as animal husbandry and household using.

1. Industrial industry.

Pellet fuels are now widely applied in many factories. In spite of the simple operation and production, raw materials cannot just be pelletized directly because wood pellet mill requires its feedstock to be less than 6mm. Therefore, before further processing, a biomass wood crushing machine is needed. Besides, those plants that manufacture playground cover, landscape mulch and composite board will also use this equipment.

2. Agricultural industry.

Wood hammer mill can be used for the production of fertilizer.

3. Animal husbandry.

Biomass wood crushing machine can be used as a pretreatment tool for the production of animal bedding and feeding stuff. Same as wood pellet fuels, pelletized bedding and feed can be made from some specially selected materials.

4. Household using.

With the improvement of people’s living quality, more and more lifestyles emerge in response to entertaining needs among which barbecue takes up an essential place. Wood briquette whose production need use biomass grinding equipment can be applied as its fuel.

How to Choose the Wood Hammer Mill?

  • ☆ First of all, you should adjustable the hammer blade liner speed according to the required product fineness. If you want to get fine powder or grind hard material , you should improve the linear speed. On the contrary, a little lower speed is necessary. For grinding fiber products, the hammer blade linear speed is about 100-110m/s.
  • ☆ Choose suitable wood hammer grinder according to your required capacity. The size of the grinder type determines the amounts of the production, according to the configuration of the grinding process, the choice of grinding machine production should be greater than 10% of theoretical efficiency.
  • ☆ We have several kinds of wood crusher and wood hammer mill to meet clients’ different requirements.

Pay Attention to Wood Hammer Mill Operation

  • 1. Grinding size is determined by the size of sieve hole, the wood hammer grinder is matched with several different sizes of screens, can be selected according to requirements
  • 2. Before dropping the material into the grinding chamber, the operator should remove the impurity such as metal, stone and some other hard objects.
  • 3. If the raw material diameter is more than 50mm, they should be processed by wood chipper first.

Tips on Operation of Wood Hammer Mill Machine

  • 1. Regularly check the component and connection parts to see if there is loose phenomenon. If yes, tighten them right away.
  • 2. Adding lubrication oil regularly to ensure the smoothly and stable operation of the machine.
  • 3. During wood hammer crusher machine working process, you should also pay attention to its condition to see whether there is strong vibration, noise or too high temperature. If anything abnormal happens, stop and check immediately.

Tips to Pay Attention When Sending Inquiry On Wood Mill

  • What is your raw materials and sizes of your raw materials.
  • Fineness of crushed materials that you want to make.
  • Capacity requirement of wood hammer mill.
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