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Wood Peeling And Debarking Machine

The wood peeling machine also called the wood debarking machine, belongs to a series of wood processing machinery products. As its name implies, the equipment is used to peel off the bark of wood. The peeled wood is better for the further process so as to bring more profits. Wood peeling machine is necessary equipment for some wood recycling industries. It can peel the skin automatically and efficiently, achieving a 95% peeling rate.

The log debarker machine includes trough log debarker machines, vertical log debarker machines, and Spindle Veneer Peeling Machine .

The trough log debarker machines can process the log not more than 50cm diameter. While the vertical type applies to the wood with 5-35cm diameter. Spindle veneer peeling machine max peeling log diameter is 1500mm. All of them have their own characteristics and different models. You can choose the suitable type according to your needs.

The following are the three types of wood peeler machines. Welcome to check, if you are interested in our equipment, please contact us in time. And we will provide you with competitive prices.

Applications of wood peeling machine

It is widely used in large, medium, and small paper mills and pulp mills, as well as other wood processing enterprises, such as wood chip mills, sawmills, wood-based panel mills (plywood mills, medium density fiberboard mills), etc. It has a wide range of applications and is supporting equipment suitable for assembly line operations and automated production. It not only for large pieces of wood, logs, branches, and irregularly curved wood but also for peeling some frozen wood and dry wood. The peeled wood will have better quality and they are more suitable for producing superior products.

Trough Log Debarker

Trough Log Debarker Introduction

This debarker can feed wood in large quantities at a time, and can be equipped with a conveyor belt to meet the needs of feeding, discharging, and bark. This trough wood debarker machine is the efficient wood peeling equipment, which can peel all kinds of logs and branches with the diameter between 50mm and 500mm and over 500mm in length. This efficient log peeler machine has high working efficiency and wide applications for peeling wood with lots of fiber, such as needle wood, pine trees, etc. Different from the drum type log debarker, this groove wood peeling machine is more efficient for peeling wood branches or logs in bulks of the large wood processing plants. After peeling, these log peels will be discharged from the bottom of this peeler machine. And the peeled logs can be further processed into high-quality wood chips with the wood chipper machine.

The trough log debarkermachine consists of a peeling chamber, double knife rollers (or single), double motors (or single), and a discharge port. The trough peeling machine can handle more types of wood, including branches, eucalyptus, poplar, fruit trees, pine, locust wood, etc. No matter the length of the wood is different, the curvature is different, and the humidity is different, you can peel it on the machine.

Structure of tree bark peeling machine

The trough debarking machine consists of five parts: debarking roller, feed inlet, debarking outlet, wood outlet, and power transmission device. It adopts roller-type peeling, simple and strong structure, strong rigidity, low failure rate, and long service life.

Working principle of trough log debarker

The trough peeling machine utilizes the force generated by the rotor with stepped peeling teeth to make the wood section circulate in the trough. The wood in the trough jumps irregularly. Therefore, the long-term friction and impact between the wood section and the teeth, the wood section and the wood section, the wood section and the silo trough cause the bark and trunk to be quickly decomposed and peeled, so as to achieve peeling.

Features of trough peeling machine

1. Handling small size wood; the maximum wood diameter does not exceed 50cm.

2. A large amount of wood can be processed at one time; wood of different sizes can be processed at the same time.

3. The roller of the peeling machine is not easy to be damaged, has no accessories, and has a long service life.

4. Common tank models are 6m, 9m, 12m; they can be lengthened.

But trough peeling machine can not reach an excellent peeling effect as same as the vertical peeling machine. Therefore, it’s better to choose the vertical type if you have high requirements about the peeling degree.

Specification of Trough Log Debarker

Model6 Meters Single Roller9 Meters Single Roller6 Meters Double Rollers9 Meters Double Rollers12 Meters Double Rollers
Peeling Rate(%)98%98%98%98%98%
Power (kw)7.5*27.5*27.5*27.5*27.5*2
Capacity (t/h)2-35-67-1515-2025-30
Wood Loss Rate(%)1.5%1.5%1.5%1.5%1.5%
Wood Diameter (mm)20-50020-50020-50020-50020-500
Dimensions (mm)6300*1310*16509000*15000*17706300*1310*15509000*1500*170012600*1550*1650

Vertical (Ring Type) Log Debarker Machines

Brief description of vertical wood peeling machine

The vertical debarking machine is suitable for these logs with a diameter of the wood from 5cm to 35cm. The common raw material refers to eucalyptus, fruit trees, pine, locust, beech, acacia, and so on. The equipment mainly consists of a frame, 4 feeding rollers, a cutting disk with 4 knives, 4 discharging rollers, etc. The blades are fan-shaped, narrow at the bottom and wide at the top, and 4 or 6 blades can be installed on the cutter head. Compared with the horizontal debarking machines, the vertical type can peel more cleanly. Every minute can handle 10m. If the wood is too long and weight, you can match with a feeding conveyor to save labor and time, improving efficiency.

Working principle of the vertical wood debarker

When the wood be fed into feeding rollers, it will be forced forward to cutting disk, Then the four blades will open and around the wood spinning quickly. During the process, the blades continuously act on the surface of the log to peel the bark from the wood. Finally, the peeled part will move forward and go out from the discharging rollers. During the whole process, the wood advances at a constant speed, and the peeling effect is excellent, which can meet the demand for high-quality wood.

Features of vertical log debbarker

1. Vertical wood peeling machines use an open design. Feeding wood from one side, and the wood will be discharged from the other side. The log debarker designed with four blades has a high peeling degree, high productivity and small wood damage.

2.Using the vertical peeling machine, the material can be fed from one end and discharged from the other end for assembly line operation, which overcomes the need for power outages for feeding and discharging.

3. The peeling machine can handle a wide range of raw materials, and can peel wood segments of different tree species, diameters and lengths, and the peeling rate can reach 90%. The wood from the bark can be used for wood shavings, wood carving, or crushed into wood chips to make paper. It can peel the skin cleanly and does not damage the wood.

4. Because the casing is fixed, the vertical wood peeling machine has low energy consumption, small maintenance workload, and much lower vibration and noise than general peeling machines.

The cutter head uses the retractable principle to peel the wood of different diameters.

The pressure rollers at the front and rear of the machine have slow-down springs that can lift and drop the wood.

5. The wood debarking machine can be equipped with automatic production lines according to customer needs and site requirements. The longer log is sawed into small pieces of equal size, then equipped with a conveyor to automatically feed the material, the feeding roller will send the wood into the wood peeling machine, and then the peeled wood will be dropped by the output roller.

Specification of Vertical (Ring Type) Log Debarker Machine

Wood Diameter(mm)φ35-150φ72-200φ70-260φ80-320
Number of Blades (Pieces)4444
Knife Roller Speed (r/min)590590590500
Capacity (m/min)159.287
Main Power (kw)445.57.5
Cycloid Motor Power (kw)
Dimensions (mm)1600×1100×14001600×1100×15001900×1350×17001900×1350×1700

Spindle Veneer Peeling Machine

Spindle veneer peeling machine is important plywood machinery, is mainly used for precious face veneer and big diameter logs peeling, like Okume, Birch,Beech, etc. Its min.. We are professional spindle veneer peeling machine supplier. This machine can produce both face veneer and core veneer. Face veneer thickness is 0.2-0.8mm. Core veneer thickness is 1-10mm. Spindle veneer peeling machine is suitable for wood diameter 350-1500mm. The machine can be customized according to client’s requirement.

Our machine have been exported to Russia, Gabon, India, Europe, etc for more than 30 countries. Its full automatic peeling line and accurate peeling thickness are highly welcomed from our customer. The thickness adjustment is can be controlled by both CNC and gear. It is quality guaranteed machine.

Spindle veneer peeling machine Features:

1. It is used to rotary cut the big diameter wood and wood diameter can be up to 1500mm.

2. International brand inverter and electric components, machine runs stably.

3. The whole structure is welded by the Q235B steel and channel steel, and it is durable.

4. Rotary cutting with high accuracy, quick speed, veneer surface smooth.

5. Machine bottom can be installed with small diameter wood log conveying system, can realize automatic thickness adjusting system.

6. Machine peeling spindle can be equipped with SPINDLE SUPPORTING FRAME, can realize 2ft-8ft different processing width adjustment, max. realize one machine having multi-function, reduce investment cost.

Spindle Veneer Peeling Machine

ModelVertical TypeHorizontal Type
Max. Log Diameter1500mm900mm
Peeling Thickness0.1-2.6mm0.1-2.6mm
Peeling Speed0-80m/min0-80m/min
Total Motor Power40.45KW40.45KW
Clamping ChuckDouble Mechanic ChuckDouble Mechanic Chuck
Total Weight8000KG7900KG
Overall Dimension6500mm*2350mm*2600mm6500mm*2350mm*2600mm

Power modes of log debarker

Vertical log debarker machines and trough log debarker, we provide two options of driven supply devices, electric motor or diesel engine. The electric motor is small in size, has low noise, and needs to connect to the power supply. It is limited by geography, such as fieldwork far from the power source. While diesel engine has strong power, strong and durable, working reliably, applying for fieldwork without electricity. But its noise is loud, and the diesel engine is uneasy to start in winter. You can choose the suitable one according to your actual situation. If you have any questions or misgivings, welcome to consult us.

How to choose the right wood peeling machine?

Vertical wood debarking machine has higher requirements for raw materials. If you have a lot of good wood resources (wood characteristics: straight, no stutter, knots, and branches), you can choose a vertical debarking machine. The finished products processed by it can be made into stakes, high-end crafts, or sold directly.

Trough wood debarking machine is suitable for various types of wood, and it is more suitable for thin wood and branches with a diameter of less than 30cm. Raw materials are more widely available. The finished products processed by it are mostly used in wood reprocessing, and manufacturing plants that have higher requirements for recycled products, such as paper mills that require paper quality, advanced charcoal mills, and so on.

Successful cases of wood peeling machine

Our customer in Philippine recently chose our log debarker and his wood processing plant needs a wood debarking machine to remove barks from logs. After understanding the customer’s needs, our sales manager sent him all the parameters of the wood peeler, and the Ukrainian customer found the ideal model. After professional introduction, the customer placed an order for our wood peeling machine, which is now in use.

Peru Customer Wood Debarker Feedback

Our customer in Peru bought our wood debarking machine, after they received the logs debarker, they started to use it in their wood factory. They took a feedback and said the log debarker is of good quality.

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