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Factors affecting the material forming of the briquetting machine

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In the forming stage of the briquetting machine production line, what are the main factors related to the pressing of materials into balls?

1.Choose the appropriate briquetting machine equipment

During the molding stage of the briquetting machine production line, a major factor is selecting the appropriate briquetting machine equipment. There are many types of briquetting machines and the materials that can be processed are also different. Therefore, choosing the appropriate briquetting machine equipment is crucial to ensure the balling. Generally speaking, the selection of briquetting machine equipment is determined based on the type and nature of the material. Moreover, the relevant briquetting machine production line design is also designed based on the materials used, the properties of the finished balls, and the type of briquetting machine equipment selected.

2.Choose the appropriate production line technology

In the first factor, we mentioned that the design of the briquetting machine production line needs to be specifically designed according to the actual situation of the customer. One of the key factors is the choice of production line technology.

The production process of the briquette machine is usually divided into cold press molding and hot press molding, and cold press molding can be divided into binder cold press molding and binder-free cold press molding. Some manufacturers have also proposed the concept of high-pressure molding based on the required pressure. Regardless of the classification, the specific choice must be determined based on the customer’s own needs. For materials that are difficult to form, you can choose cold pressing molding with a binder or high-pressure molding to improve the molding effect. According to the needs of the finished product, you can also choose hot pressing molding, such as for molded coke and some dry powder materials. But the premise is that the properties of the material will not be changed or destroyed under a certain high temperature.

3.Reasonable selection of adhesives

In the second factor, we mentioned the binder cold press forming process. In this process, a binder needs to be used. After adding an appropriate amount of binder, the material can be formed more easily through uniform mixing.

Choosing the right adhesive is critical as there are many different types of adhesives and they range in price. When choosing an adhesive, economical practicality is of course one of the factors to consider. However, the most appropriate binder should be selected based on the properties and uses of the raw materials, finished balls, and the quality of the finished balls should not be affected only by price.

4.The ball press production line is reasonably configured

From the above discussion, it can be seen that the configuration of the briquetting machine production line includes many factors. We selected the appropriate briquette forming equipment, determined the appropriate production line process, and selected the appropriate binder or no binder. All these factors will determine the final configuration of the briquetting machine production line. For example, the difference between cold press molding and hot press molding will lead to differences in the configuration of their respective production lines; in addition, molding with binder and molding without binder will also affect the difference in configuration of their respective production lines.

These factors constitute the main factors affecting the material forming stage in the briquetting machine production line. Of course, there are many factors that affect the molding process, because different materials, processes and production lines will have different influencing factors. The above content is viewed from an overall scope. Specific details and small-scale impacts need to be agreed upon by the customer and the manufacturer based on the actual situation.

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