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Methods to make the material discharged from the briquetting machine smoother

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How to make the ball pressed out by the ball press smoother is a question that everyone is concerned about. When we use the ball press to press the ball, the edge of the ball press will not be smooth and burrs will appear. This will affect the later use. , it will turn into mineral slag and waste raw materials. So how to solve this situation? We will analyze and introduce it to you now.


To make the balls pressed by the ball press smoother, the following solutions can be adopted:

  1. Adjust the pressure and speed of the briquetting machine: Appropriately adjust the pressure and speed of the briquetting machine to ensure that the material is subject to uniform pressure during the molding process and has enough time to complete the molding, thereby reducing the generation of burrs.
  2. Optimize the material ratio: Reasonably adjust the material ratio to ensure that the mixed materials are uniform and fine, making it easier to shape and reduce the possibility of burrs.
  3. Use a suitable mold: Choose a suitable mold to ensure even pressure distribution when the sphere is formed and to avoid burrs.
  4. Use appropriate adhesive: If adhesive is used for molding, select appropriate adhesive and control the proportion of adhesive added to ensure that the materials are fully bonded and reduce the generation of burrs and debris.
  5. Regular maintenance and cleaning: Regularly maintain and clean the briquetting machine to ensure that the machine is in good condition and reduce molding problems caused by equipment problems.

Through these methods, the occurrence of burrs during the molding process of the ball press can be effectively reduced, making the pressed balls smoother and more uniform.

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