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How to improve the production efficiency of briquetting machine

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The high-pressure briquetting machine is a high-pressure briquetting machine equipment suitable for metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and other industries. During production, it can be pressed without the addition of binders, reaching pressures up to 75 MPa. The normal pressure briquetting machine is suitable for materials with large specific gravity, such as chromium ore powder, manganese flakes, iron oxide scale, quicklime powder, magnesium oxide powder, etc. However, the only weakness of the high-pressure briquetting machine is that its output is not as large as that of ordinary briquetting machines. The output of the larger high-pressure briquetting machines currently on the market is about 20 tons/hour.


For customers, a common problem is that the output of the high-pressure briquetting machine purchased does not match the actual output. To solve this problem, here are three things to keep in mind:

  1. Adjustment of the roller spacing and roller speed of the briquetting machine has an important impact on forming. The distance between the two pressure rollers is inversely proportional to the compression ratio. If the spacing is too small, it will affect the filling of the briquette bowl with coal material and affect the quality of the briquettes; if the spacing is too large, the forming pressure will not be transmitted to the center of the briquettes, causing the coal material to fall off and the quality of the briquettes to decrease. It is recommended to control the spacing between 2-3mm.
  2. When assembling the upper and lower pressure rollers, the distance between them should be adjusted so that the ball bowls are strictly aligned according to their rows and columns to avoid mold misalignment that affects the strength of the briquettes. Reducing the rotation speed of the pressure roller can increase the time the coal is pressed on the pressure roller, which is beneficial to improving the strength of the briquettes. However, if the rotation speed is too low, the output of the briquettes will be reduced.
  3. Too fast or too slow rotation speed of the pressing roller will affect the output and strength of the briquettes. Therefore, attention needs to be paid to controlling the appropriate rotation speed to ensure the balance between the quality and output of the briquettes.
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