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Differences in wood crushers

A grinder is a piece of equipment that is often used at work to crush wood and other materials. There are many types of grinders, and therefore their functions vary. When using a shredder, some people may not be clear about the difference between a wood shredder and a sawdust shredder. Now, let’s take a look at the differences between these devices.

Wood crusher is the general term for the field of wood crushing, while sawdust crusher is a type of wood crushing equipment. Wood crushing equipment includes wood chippers, wood chip crushers, template crushers, and sawdust crushers. The sawdust crusher directly feeds wood, branches, board scraps, board skins and other wood from furniture factories, and beats it into sawdust particles through high-speed hammers. Qualified particles pass through the screen and are extracted by the fan, while unqualified sawdust particles continue to be crushed in the crushing chamber.

Branch Crusher Machine

The sawdust crusher has a feed hopper, a crushing chamber, a hammer, a screen, a fan, a pipe, a dust collector, etc. It has high output, low energy consumption, is safe and durable, and the hammer is made of wear-resistant alloy, wood crusher news. The fan impeller has been dynamically balanced and has no vibration. It is a brand new sawdust crusher. The product advantages of the new milling equipment wood chipper. The wood chipper (wood chipper) is a new type of ideal mechanical equipment for the wood flour front. It can process wood, branches and other raw materials into wood chips at one time. , has the advantages of low investment, low energy consumption, high efficiency, good economic benefits, easy use and maintenance. This machine can be used as raw material for developing edible fungi and high-density boards such as particle board and sawdust board.

The wood crusher equipment is equipped with a fineness analyzer. It is a new type of milling equipment designed for special materials that are difficult to crush, such as light materials, fiber materials, brittle materials, and tough materials. The feed inlet of the equipment adopts self-priming feeding. This design ensures safety and replaces the problem of direct feeding of traditional grinders that may cause accidental throwing of metal blocks and serious damage to the wood flour machine.

  1. In order to meet the different requirements for the length of wood chips in the papermaking, fiberboard and particleboard industries, the length of the wood chips can be adjusted within a certain range.
  2. The disc chipper has a compact and reasonable structure, easy operation, large production capacity, high wood chip qualification rate, and low energy consumption per unit wood chip output. It is an ideal equipment for producing high-quality wood chips.
  3. The disc wood chipper can be driven by a low-voltage motor or a high-voltage motor, while the large disc wood chipper has two modes: pulley drive and direct-coupled drive.
  4. There are two ways of feeding: horizontal feeding and inclined feeding, while discharging has two ways: upper discharging and lower discharging.
  5. The output of the disc wood chipper ranges from 2 to 160 cubic meters per hour.
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