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How wood crusher works

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The wood crusher is a new type of ultra-fine wood powder equipment using high-tech technology. It has low noise, no vibration and beautiful appearance during use. Compared with traditional wood flour mills, this equipment has higher efficiency and output. It is an ideal crushing equipment and cannot be compared with other crusher equipment. Next, we will learn more about “the working principle of wood crusher and the precautions for crushing materials”.

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What causes the finished materials of the wood crusher to turn black?

The finished material produced by a good wood crusher is usually of high quality. However, if there is a problem with the finished material, the user may suspect that there is something wrong with the quality of the wood crusher, but this is not the case. The blackening of the finished materials of the wood crusher may be caused during use.

  1. The temperature is too high
    Excessive temperature of the wood crusher body may cause the finished material to turn black. Since the main raw material of the wood crusher is wood, excessively high body temperature may cause this situation. Therefore, it is necessary to control the working time and body temperature of the wood crusher to avoid excessive temperature.
  2. The equipment is not cleaned for a long time
    If the wood crusher is not cleaned for a long time, a large amount of residue may accumulate inside, leading to mold. These moldy materials may pass through the discharge port along with new materials, causing the finished materials to turn black. Solving this problem requires a complete cleaning of the machine after use.
  3. Introduction of impurities
    Wood chipper rust paint can cause problems when mixed into the finished material. The solution to this problem is mainly to perform rust removal and maintenance on the wood crusher after daily use. In order to ensure the output quality of the wood crusher, it is necessary to pay more attention to every link during use.

The wood crusher achieves the purpose of crushing by cutting with blades. Although the intelligence level of wood crushers continues to improve during operation and has high efficiency, in actual operation, it needs to be effectively maintained and maintained in a suitable environment to achieve the purpose of improving the crushing effect.

In order to improve the overall work efficiency, professional methods are needed to improve the crushing effect of the wood crusher. Since wood crushers use the blade cutting principle for crushing, maintaining the sharpness of the blades is crucial to improving the crushing effect.

At the same time, in order to achieve higher efficiency, it is very important to provide raw materials with suitable humidity to prevent problems such as clogging of various screens and avoid serious consequences caused by low quality raw materials. In actual operation, in order to improve the overall crushing effect, it is necessary to pay attention to the care and maintenance of the equipment to improve the overall operating efficiency and maintain stable working performance, and provide guarantee for creating more profits.

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