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Pet Food Making Machine

Pet food macking machine mainly use the meat meal, fish meal, bone powder, corn powder, soya meal and other grains’ powder as main materials to produce the innovative shapes, high-nutritional and savory taste pet food for dog, cat, fox, bird etc.

Pet Food Macking Machine
Pet Food Macking Machine
Dog food machine
Dog food machine

Pet food macking machine is assigned to pet food with innovative shapes,unique taste and color,and to scientific nutrition proportion and easy to digest and other features to adapt to the constantly evolving pet food market. Taste of varied shapes and meet the needs of all kinds of pet food.

Pet Food Production Line Production Process

Milling system — Mixing system — Extrusion system — Drying system —Flavoring and add grease system — Cooling and screening — Packing system

Pet Food Production Line is also available in various configurations depending on the output.

1. Mill System

The basic process is to weigh the raw materials of different weights according to the formula, then pour them into the crusher and milling them, and then temporarily store all the materials in the storage bin.

2. Mixing System

The mixing process is a key process in pet food production. Then all the ingredients are ready, put them in the blender and mix them.

3. Extrusion System

Extrusion is a high temperature and short time heat treatment process. It can not only reduce the degradation of food nutrients, improve the digestibility of protein and starch, but also destroy anti-nutrients and microorganisms. Can produce round, triangle, flower shape, bone shape and other shapes of dry pet food through different molds (templates) of the feed extruder. In pet food production, fat is usually added to improve the palatability of pet food, which is carried out during the conditioning process. In addition, in order to make pet food tablets have different colors, manufacturers usually add pigment water in the extrusion chamber.

4. Drying System

The drying part is mainly used to remove moisture from the extruded pet food. The extruded material has a soft texture and a water content of 20-30%. After drying, the moisture of the finished product is controlled at 8%~10%, which can ensure the storage of the material within a certain period of time.

5. Flavoring And Add Grease System

Oil is the best source of energy, so 2%-40% of oil can be added to the formula according to the growth needs of the pet. We recommend that the fat content in the formula, that is, the total oil content in the extruder should be kept within 12%. If the oil content is required to exceed 12%, the hardness of the pellets will be significantly reduced. If the extruded material needs to contain more than 12% oil, it is recommended to add additional oil after drying. It can be used under normal pressure or vacuum spraying, depending on the amount of oil added. The external spray will make the appearance of the pet food flakes more attractive. In addition to oil, some powdery attractants are also sprayed to increase the palatability of pet feed.

Spraying seasoning machine: the oil sprayer sprays oils, attractants, etc. The seasoning tube has octagonal tube, cylinder, lifting single drum and double drum seasoning line. According to the output and product nature, the grease is sprayed on the feed surface Spray minced meat and spices at the same time to sprinkle evenly. After this process, It can remove burrs and burrs on the surface of feed pellets and make the surface of feed pellets smoother.

6. Cooling And Screening

The main purpose of the cooling section is to cool the dried material from high temperature to close to room temperature and take away part of the moisture. In addition, during this process, unqualified food tablets will be separated from eligible foods.

7. Packing System

5-50KG/Bag, Manual sealing machine and automatic packaging machine can be used.

Supplier of Pet Food Production Line

Durable Machine is a professional pet food production line manufacturer and supplier, providing pet food production line equipment, according to customer requirements, to provide customers with customized solutions that meet the actual production, contact us!

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