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Vertical Carbonization Furnace

Features at a Glance

Carbonized liner that can work alternately

Work in batches, one-time carbonization output is large

Suitable for carbonizing various biomass raw materials

The carbonization process consumes less energy and can recycle fuel

The vertical carbonization furnace also called the airflow hoisting carbonizationmachine, which uses advanced gas flow carbonization technology to make all kinds of bio charcoal. This charcoal machine furnace can greatly improve the carbonization rate with the advantages of less land occupation, simple and convenient operation, safety and environmental protection, and high production efficiency. This batch-type carbonizing machine is widely used for making hardwood charcoal, bamboo charcoal, straw charcoal, nutshell charcoal, coconut shell charcoal, etc.

Vertical carbonization furnace adopts the hoisting combination structure, uses the method of hoisting cooling, one day can be carbonized multiple furnaces, greatly shorten the production cycle, improve the charcoal production efficiency, is the ideal equipment for large and medium-sized scale charcoal producers to produce charcoal.

Hoist-type carbonization furnace display in the factory

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Raw materials for carbonizing with vertical carbonization furnace

The vertical carbonization furnace can be used to directly carbonize various biomass raw materials, such as wood, logs, wood segments, hardwood, pine, palm wood, coconut shell, palm shell, bamboo, nutshell, straw stem, wood chips, wooden furniture scraps, sawdust briquettes, etc.

According to rough statistics, 80% of customers purchase this vertical carbonization equipment for carbonizing raw materials of large sizes, such as bamboo, tree branches, wood chips, intact coconut shells, etc.

This bio charcoal machine has always been very popular in African and Southeast Asian markets. This is because some customers do not have high requirements for carbonization, but just want to recycle a large amount of biomass waste and process them into carbon. Then the finished charcoal can be directly sold to the local market or exported to other countries in bulk.

Structure of hoisting carbonization furnace

Different from the one-piece structure of the continuous carbonization furnace, the structure of this carbonization equipment consists of multiple parts.

The structure of the hoisting carbonization furnace mainly includes four parts: hoisting device, inner furnace, outer furnace, and gas circulation pipeline.

The air-flow hoisting carbonization furnace adopts a unique flue gas treatment system so that the flue gas generated by carbonization can be fully utilized after purification.

In addition to the furnace’s own use, it meets the requirements of energy-saving and environmental protection. The remaining 60% of the flue gas can be used as another drying, carbonization, and heat source, saving a large amount of fuel in production, and improving the enterprise benefits.

Outer Furnace

The outer furnace of the hoisting carbonization furnace is mainly composed of thicker steel plates and refractory bricks.

The surface of the outer furnace is made of steel plate in a barrel shape, the inner wall is a layer of refractory bricks, and the gaps of the refractory bricks are generally filled with special refractory glue.

The bottom of the outer furnace of the carbonization furnace is a combustion chamber, which is composed of coiled tubes with air holes.

Inner furnace

The inner furnace of the vertical carbonization furnace is a liner that can be loaded and unloaded and is made of steel plate.

The inner furnace is used to hold the raw materials to be carbonized, such as tree branches, sawdust briquettes, etc. Usually, a carbonization furnace is equipped with three standard inner tanks, which can be used alternately during work.

Loading box

In addition to adding materials directly into the inner furnace, we can also use the loading box to assist with the filling. In practical applications, this loading box is often used to carbonize sawdust briquettes with regular shapes.

Lift crane

When using a hoisting carbonization furnace, it is often necessary to equip a lift crane that can automatically lift the inner furnace, which can not only improve production efficiency but also save labor. This lifting device can be controlled by remote control to load and unload the inner furnace.

Flue gas purification system

The flue gas purification system is an optional device for the hoist charcoal furnace, which is used to filter the exhaust gas generated in the carbonization process and to recycle the combustible gas.

Our flue gas purification devices are mainly divided into conventional flue gas filters and electrostatic flue gas purification devices.

Vertical Carbonization furnace features

This energy-saving equipment is easy to operate, without power and electricity can going mobile production, is the ideal equipment for large-scale production of charcoal.

According to the needs of production, an airflow hoist charcoal furnace can be set into a single-cylinder, three-cylinder, four-cylinder, and other multi-tank cylinder forms, to meet the needs of different customers’ charcoal output.

Features of the vertical carbonization furnace

  1. Energy-saving and sanitation. Because the hardwood charcoal furnace adopts the balanced circulation carbonization process design of hot gas flow, realizes the smoke and dust recycling and utilization, greatly saves the consumption of igniting wood, and the surplus flue gas can also be used for drying, heating, and other production processes, effectively improved the shortcomings that the other carbonization methods cannot solve the smoke and dust pollution, large consumption of materials and so on.
  2. Continuous and conjoined production can be realized to improve the output of charcoal. Adopting the latest cycle carbonization design, the carbonization cycle is greatly shortened. The carbonization time has been reduced from 72 hours before to 8-16 hours now, and continuous concatenation production can be achieved, which creates conditions for the standardization and large-scale production of charcoal and solves the problems of small-scale and scattered and messy production of charcoal before.
  3. Charcoal yield can be up to 99%, and charcoal carbon content and appearance quality has been significantly improved. In the carbonization process, the use of airflow from everywhere, all-pervasive equilibrium advantages, greatly shortened the carbonization cycle, and the quality, appearance, and yield of charcoal have different degrees of improvement.
  4. Increase your income. The airflow hoisting carbonization furnace can recover expensive by-products such as wood oil and wood vinegar according to the customer’s demand, reduce environmental pollution and increase carbon production efficiency.
  5. Easy to operate, easy to learn technology. This wood charcoal furnace eliminates other types of carbonization furnaces necessary fans, motors, and other cumbersome devices. Realize no electricity production, reduce labor intensity, technical intensity, safe and simple operation, workers can learn to operate it in a short time.

Technical parameters of bio charcoal machine

Output capacity2.5T-3T/24 hours(Yield will vary according to different raw materials)
Carbonizing time once6-8 hours (vary to different raw materials and loading quantity)
Steel thicknessAbout 6mm, customizable
Inner stove size1.5m*1.5m
Including partsthe standard configuration of one furnace is 3 inner stove
Machine weight2.8t
Energy consumption50-80kg biomass wastes per 8 hours

Display of charcoal carbonization furnace in Durable factory

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Customer cases of bio charcoal machine

Durable Factory has been manufacturing and exporting carbonization furnaces for more than 10 years. Our various configurations of carbonization equipment have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions.

In addition to ensuring that we provide customers with high-quality equipment and on-time delivery, we can also dispatch engineers to the customer’s country to provide equipment installation and operation guidance according to customer needs.

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