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briquette packing machine

Features at a Glance

Wide applications for packing all kinds of products

The machine voltage can be customized

Packing size and patterns can be adjusted

Easy installation and operation

This automatic thermal shrink packing machine can be used to wrap different sizes and lengths of sawdust pini kay briquettes. The purpose of heat shrink packaging for wood briquettes is to avoid moisture deformation of pini kay briquettes and also to facilitate the transportation and portability of briquettes. This sawdust briquettes packaging machine is very efficient and is mostly used in various sizes of biomass briquette processing plants.

well packed pini kay briquettes

Advantages of thermal shrink wrapping for pini kay briquettes

The thermal shrink wrapping machine is heated during the wrapping process so that the wrapping film is tightly wrapped around the item to be wrapped. Heat shrink wrapping allows the object to maintain its original form. The wrapping film on the surface of the object is not only waterproof but also prevents the surface of the item from being worn. Heat shrink wrapping of pini kay briquettes not only prevents moisture but also protects the briquettes from breaking.

complete packaging machine for sawdust briquettes packing
complete packaging machine for sawdust briquettes packing
thermal shrink packing machine for sale
thermal shrink packing machine for sale

Main structure of pini kay briquettes packaging machine

In fact, pini kay briquettes packaging machine is a set of packaging equipment, mainly including film coating equipment and heat shrinking equipment. Among them, the main function of the coating equipment is to evenly cover the roll film to the surface of the pini kay briquettes. The function of the heat shrinking equipment is to quickly heat and cool the roll film through uniform heating, so that the packaging film tightly wraps the pini kay briquettes.

packing machine and heat shrinking machine

Applications of wood sawdust briquette packing machine

In the sawdust briquettes processing plant, this wood briquettes packaging machine is mainly used for packaging biomass briquettes of various sizes. However, the application range of this thermal shrink packing machine is very wide, and it can pack almost any items with regular or irregular shapes. The common packaging items of this packaging machine include gift boxes, tableware, toiletries, fresh food, instant food, precision instruments, etc.

packing effect of briquettes packaging machine
packing effect of briquettes packaging machine
pini kay briquettes packing plant
pini kay briquettes packing plant

Parameters of thermal shrink packing machine for packing wood briquettes

Voltage220V, 50/60HZ
Packing speed15-30 bags/min
Maximum package sizeL+H<500mm, W+H<400mm
Air pressure0.5MPA
Applicable shrink filmPOF/PE

pini kay packing machine parameters

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