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Diesel Engine Feed Pellet Machine

Introduction of Diesel Feed Pellet Mill

Diesel flat die feed pellet machine, also known as diesel flat die feed pellet mill, which is used to produce feed pellet for livestock and poultry like pigs, chicken, cattle, rabbits, dogs, cats, etc. It can lower feed costs for medium-scale and small-scale farms dramatically. It creates features in terms of quality and perfect pelletizing results.
Diesel flat die feed pellet machine and electric flat die feed pellet machine are known as small feed pelletizer for personal use or farm-made feed making purpose. This pellet mill can also be used as biomass pellet mill to process biomass materials (wood wastes like sawdust, wood chips and agricultural residues like rice husk, rice straw, etc.) into fuel pellets. But diesel flat die feed pellet machine driven by diesel engine has no power limit, you can use it anywhere.

Diesel Engine Feed Pellet Machine
Diesel Engine Feed Pellet Machine
wood pellet machine for home use
wood pellet machine for home use
portable wood pellet machine
portable wood pellet machine

Diesel pellet making machine for sale cheap pellet mill make feed pellet

Diesel pellet making machine adopts flat die structure design,which is a good pellet making machine for people who want to save cost on making feed pellets or do not have easy access to electricity where they produce pellets, for example, in their farms. This diesel pellet mill is hot sell for homemade pellets. Its small size and diesel engine make it movable and very convenient to move around.

The key parts of machine is a flat die and a pellet roller. While pelletizing, the well prepared raw materials fall down to the area between the pellet die and roller. Then the pressure between the die and roller will compress the materials through the holes in the die. Then, on the other side of flat die, density feed pellets will be extruded and cut into pre-determined length and then fall out of the pellet mill machine.

Why we choice diesel pellet making machine?

  • First of all, this diesel pellet mill is able to make feed pellets from various raw materials: grain straw, pasture, corn straw, rice bran, bean husk, peanut shell,agricultural residuals and forest waste etc.
  • Secondly, it can solve your problem of lacking electricity while keeping the same productivity. Not all areas are able to get electricity, especially in the fields or rural farms. But this inconvenience cannot stop us from feed pellets production.This pellet making machine is driven by diesel engine and is a good choice in the area where electricity is in short supply, expensive, unavailable or inconvenient to use.
  • Thirdly, This machine is capable of pressing feed pellets with various diameters (usually from 2mm to 8mm) and lengths via different models of pore diameter and various compression ratios.Both die-turned and roller-turned diesel pellet mills are made of high-quality alloy steel, and their service life is at least over 800 hours.
  • Fourth, like other flat die pellet mills, this pellet mill also enjoys the advantages of small size,simple design,compact structure, low power consumption, easy operation, little maintenance, low noise, and long service life.The diesel pellet making machine has compact size, so you can place wherever you need.It is also cost-effective, since it uses low price diesel oil.

Features of diesel pellet mill

  • 1. Our feed pellet machine, the production process in the machinery itself under pressure to make feed pellet, it’s suitable for feed pig, cattle, sheep, rodents gnawing, improved feed portability, increase the intake of the animals.
  • 2. Diesel pellet mill to facilitate feeding, high utilization, easy to control the feeding amount, saving feed, clean and sanitary.
  • 3. Diesel feed pellet making machine to make the particle formation process enables the grain, legume trypsin boycott factor degeneration, reduce adverse effects on the digestion, can kill the parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms, reducing the variety of parasitic diseases and digestive tract system diseases.
  • 5. Using advanced welding techniques to ensure that our diesel flat die feed pellet mill lasts a long lifetime without incurring extra repair expenses. Special steel for die and roller that can reduce wear and extend life expectancy.
  • 6. You can select different models according to your own needs, such as animal species, the scale of farming and raw materials.
  • 7. Driven by diesel engine, this feed pellet mill can produce feed pellets in any place, without energy limit.
  • 8. All kinds of raw materials can be pelletized by our diesel flat die feed pellet making machine, such as grass, corn, wheat, soybean, alfalfa, straw, rice hull and other raw material.
  • 9. We can supply diesel flat die feed pellet machine with Electric Starter and without electric starter based on your need.

Application Scope of Diesel Pellet Mill

Wood Pelletizing

The Diesel Pellet Mill is appropriate for crude fiber granulation, such as the sawdust, maize straw, peanut shell, rice husk, grass, weeds, etc. The final biomass pellets can be used as fuel in pellet stove or boiler. Besides, the biomass pellet is an ideal choice for animal bedding.

Feed Pelletizing

The mini pellet mill is widely applicable for making feed pellets for animals. So this pellet mill is generally applied to grain feed processing mill, livestock farm, poultry farm, fish farm, etc.

Fertilizer Pelletizing

Diesel pellet mill is also can use for making organic fertilizer. It is mainly applied to animal manure, home wastage, sludge, peat, etc.

Notes on Operating Diesel Flat Die Feed Pelletizer

  • 1 Avoid overloading production to guarantee a long service life of the pellet mill.
  • 2. Please carefully read the operation instruction and follow the technicians professional guidance before start running.
  • 3. If you want to make biomass pellets by our diesel flat die pellet machine, you would better use relatively soft biomass materials.
  • 4. Replace flat die with proper diameters of die holes to make different sizes of pellets.
  • 5. Cleaning the material before feeding them into the pellet mill may be needed to remove rocks, in case they damage the die or roller.
  • 6. Check the easy-wear parts and other components regularly to ensure normal operation.
  • 7. The roller bearing must be cleaned with petrol or diesel every five days. The gearbox is maintained once every 6 months. Grease the bearings every work eight hours.Kingpin bearing must be washed once 7days.
  • 8. If the pellet mill is not used for a long time, the machine should be cleaned thoroughly, especially when the pellet machine is used to pelletize feed materials with high oil content, in order to keep pellet mill from rust and die holes form blockage.

Troubleshooting of Diesel Flat Die Feed Pellet Machine

1. The feed pellet surface

  • Drying the raw material, make sure the moisture content below 20%.

2. Flat die does not rotate

  • Bearing damage
  • Replace bearings

3. Low feed pellets production

  • The first time a diesel flat die feed pelletizer is used with feed pellet produce. The production will increase after using several times.
  • Material moisture content is too high or too low. Adjust the material moisture content.
  • Roll and flat die gap is too large.Adjust the gap distance between die and roller.
  • The roll or flat die badly worn.Replace roller or die.

4. A low voltage and small motor

  • Appropriately enlarge the distance between roller and flat die.
  • Replace the fuse
  • Shutdown and remove foreign

5. Suddenly stop

  • Overload (even blown fuse)
  • foreign body into the cavity

6. Abnormal sound

  • Foreign materials get into the equipment. Remove foreign materials.

Economic benefits of diesel powered pellet machine

Today livestock feed pellets are becoming more and more popular in the breeding industry for being rich in nutrition, good palatability and easy storage. Our flat die poultry feed pellet mill is your inevitable choice for making your own feed pellets. This small diesel feed pellet mill is very flexible, convenient to move and operate. What is more important, in the long run, the feed pelletizer price is more cost-effective than buying feed pellets , so it is especially favored by small farm holders and poultry breeders. For daily feed pellets production with small quantity, usually a feed pellet mill is enough, because you can grind the materials with any grinding machine that is available to you; after the pellets are discharged from a feed pelletizer, you can cool them in the sun and then store them in a container. While if the production is relatively larger and a little troublesome only depending on labor force, you can consider buying the auxiliary machines like feed hammer mill, etc to save time and labor.

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