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Gasoline Feed Pellet Mill

Gasoline engine pellet making machine is not as popular as electric motor type, but it’s a suitable choice for people who have easier access to gasoline. We provide biomass pellet making machine with different drive engines to adapt to various demand. The pellet production is from 60 to 120kg per hour. And the gasoline engine turns up 13 horsepower.

Gasoline feed pellet mill has many advantages like: advanced design, compact structure, low noise, high pelletizing rate, easy operation and maintenance, low power consumption and long service life.

Gasoline pellet making machine adopts rotating flat die and stationary roller as pelletizing system. They are made of heat-treated superior alloy steel, who have 3-4 times the lifespan of those in other pellet making machines.

Gasoline Engine Feed Pellet Machine
Gasoline Engine Feed Pellet Machine
Feed pellet machine grinding disc
Feed pellet machine grinding disc

Tips of Operating Gasoline Feed Pellet Mill

Before pelletizing with the gasoline pellet mill each time, the machine needs warming up by oil mixture repeated for about 5 minutes. When the temperature reaches 80-100℃, the feed pellet press can make good pellets smoothly.

Oil mixture receipt: mixed 3-5kg raw material with 10% oil evenly.

Application of gasoline engine pellet making machine

As a specialized biomass equipment, it applies to various biomass materials, including agriculture residues, household garbage, and factory waste. Besides, it is able to process those with low bonding ratio and difficult to compress. You don’t have to add and binders to them. Moreover, it is capable of producing organic fertilizer and compounded fertilizer at low temperature.

These biomass pellets are environmental friendly fuel, which has small volume and high combustion ratio, with little carbon emission. Nowadays, they are widely applied in pellet stove for home heating and cooking, industrial boiler and power plant.

Why bother to make feed pellets?

Feed pellets contain balanced nutrition, which is important for animals&rsquo feed. Feed pellets prevent animals from being particular about certain kinds of food effectively. Besides, feed pellets are easy for both digestion and absorption. Taking both farmers’ needs and animals’ growth into consideration, our company has developed the gasoline engine series of feed pellet mills, which are flat-die designed and perfectly for home use.

In addition to diesel pellet machines, we also provide gasoline pellet machines and electric pellet machines. If you want to use electricity or gasoline to make your own feed pellets at home or on the farm, they can also be your first choice.

Why choose our gasoline pellet making machine?

  • We have achieved the best compression ratio after a great many experiments. Therefore the machine can make full use of raw materials with little waste of resources.
  • This series of gasoline engine pellet making machine adopts gasoline engine as power. Compared with other types, it is lighter in weight, and convenient to move. Besides, gasoline is easier to start in cold weather than diesel engine.
  • Biomass production is a cost-effective business that worth investment. The high pellet production rate allows you to make profits with low cost.
  • All our pellet making machine has obtained CE and ISO9001 certifications. Please be assured to purchase and use.
  • The gasoline pellet making machine is able to process a wide range of biomass materials. In light of the raw materials you’re going to process, you can choose flat die with proper hole size and compression ratio.
  • The simple and humanized design makes it convenient to operate and maintain. It can work steadily for long period, with little noise or fault.

Gasoline Engine Feed Pellet Machine Manufacturer

We supply a wide range of pellet mill, covering small pellet mill, home pellet mill, wood pellet mill, grass pellet mill and sawdust pellet mill etc. Our pellet mills also have various engine options including gas engine pellet mills, diesel engine pellet mills and electric engine pellet mills. You can choose the right one depending on your specific needs.

Prices of Gas Engine Pellet Mills

Referring to the pellet mill design, there are three main types, flat die design, ring die design and three models design. The prices of pellet mills do differ from one to another. The price of diesel pellet mill is higher than electric pellet mill and gas pellet mill. Electric pellet mill and gasoline pellet mill have almost the same price. If you choose pellet mill with diesel engine, you may need an electric starting key to start the engine easier.

Want to know more about our gas engine pellet mill or other types of pellet making machines. Feel free to contact us! We are very glad to help you.

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