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Goose Feed Pellet Machine

Goose is a common poultry and a delicacy on the table. It is a green food with low breeding difficulty and low pollution. We know that raising geese must feed the geese. If the scale of raising geese is small, you can choose a combination of stocking and purchasing feed. If the scale of goose raising is large or a manufacturer specializing in the production of goose feed pellets, it is most cost-effective to purchase feed pellet machines or feed pellet production lines. If you raise your own goose, you can greatly reduce feed costs. If it is a goose feed pellet production plant, investing in goose feed production can also quickly return costs and profit.

Goose Feed Pellet Machine

Goose feed pellet machine is a kind of feed pellet machine. There are single-phase electric pellet machines and three-phase electric pellet machines. It uses the principle of extrusion to extrude the raw materials from the aperture of the machine die plate. The length of pellet feed can be adjusted by the cutter in the machine. The goose feed pellet machine has an output of 40kg/hour to 40 tons/hour.

Flat Die Goose Feed Pellet Mill

The flat die feed pellet machine. Flat die feed pellet machine’s hourly output generally ranges from 60kg/h to 1200kg/h. Almost all small-capacity pellet mills for pellet feed can be called flat-die pellet mills. We often say that single-phase electric chicken, duck, goose feed pellet machines, single-phase electric pig feed pellet machines, single-phase electric cattle, sheep feed pellet machines, are all types of flat-mold feed pellet machines.

The flat die feed pellet machine has a vertical feeding port, which is convenient for feeding and the hardness of the poultry feed pellets produced is large. The feed is semi-ripened, and it is a good helper for granulation of free-range farmers, small feed processing plants, and small farms. Various pellet feeds can be flexibly produced according to the different mold hole diameters. Achieve the effect of multi-purpose one machine, high return rate and effectively improve work efficiency.

Goose Feed Pellet Machine
Goose Feed Pellet Machine
Flat Die Goose Feed Pellet Mill
Flat Die Goose Feed Pellet Mill
Flat Die And Ring Die Goose Feed Pellet Mill
Flat Die And Ring Die Goose Feed Pellet Mill

Flat Die Goose Feed Pellet Production Line

Small flate goose feed line contains crushing, mixing, pelletizing, cooling, screening and packing pellets parts. Full line machines contain crusher, mixer, pellet machine, cooler, crumbler, screener, silos packing machine and conveyors ect. We will design the full pellet line Flow chart according to your raw materials dimension and specific requirement.

The maize and soya bean meal (store & directly feed on ground) is sucked into the Grinding Machine and crushed into fine powder. Any other powder/soft materials, such as wheat bran, bone meal, microelement, vitamin, etc, which don’t need to be crushed, they can directly feed into the Vertical Mixing Machine from its feeding port. All materials are mixed uniformly and discharged into the hopper of Screw Conveyor then feed into Temporary Storage Silo by screw conveyor. By Screw Feeder, the mixed materials are uniformly and continuously feed into the Pellet Mill then produced into feed pellets. The pellets are discharged into the hopper of Belt Conveyor then feed into the Pellet Cooling Machine through Air Lock. With the cooling process, the fresh & hot pellets are cooled, the pellet temperature is not more 5 than the room temperature. The cooled pellets are screened by the Vibrating Screen, then they can be packaged.

This goose feed pellet production line can be used for processing livestock, poultry and aquatic feed pellets, which is specially suitable for medium feed factory, breed farm or aquatic base. It has the better raw material versatility, which can be suitable for pelletizing many kinds of raw material, such as corn, broomcorn, wheat, beans, oil seed meal and other materials . And also, this manufacturing plant for animal feed has the features of low energy consumption and high production efficiency for larger profits. We provide free charge of installation, and training, factory designing, and timely after-sale service.

Ring Die Pellet Mill

First, the ring die feed pellet machine. The ring die feed pellet machine’s hourly output is larger than the flat die feed pellet machine, generally between 0.5 tons-15 tons. Often used in conjunction with a variety of large and medium pellet units. Our common large-scale cattle and sheep feed pellet unit is the matching ring die feed pellet machine. Choose different models according to different output

Animal Feed Pellet Machine
Animal Feed Pellet Machine
feed pellet machine
feed pellet machine

The feeding port of the ring die feed pellet machine is small, and because of the setting of its model, it is often equipped with a uniform speed feeder or a forced feeder. Depending on the quality of the feed required by the user, a conditioner can be added. The conditioner is generally used together with the boiler. The water vapor generated by the boiler can fully mature the feed and can also supplement the moisture content in the feed. Ring feed pellet machines are generally selected for feeds that need to be fully cooked.

Main Power(kw)22303755110132
Feeding Power(kw)0.750.750.750.751.51.5
Conditioner Power(kw)
Ring Dia(mm)250300320350420508
Pellet size(mm)Φ1.5,Φ2,Φ2.5,Φ3,Φ3.5,Φ4,Φ4.5,Φ5,Φ6,Φ8 etc
ApplicationChicken ,duck,rabbit ,goose,cattle ,sheep etc

Ring Die Pellet Mill Production line

Raw Material →Feed Grinder →Feed Mixer → Feed Pellet Mill → Counterflow Cooler → Feed Pellets Crumbler → Feed Pellets Grading Sieve → Automatic Weighing and Packing Machine

Performance of small manufacturing plant for animal feed

Compact structure, occupying small area, low requirement on workshop conditions, low investment.

Easy to install, no need for civil engineering or welding at project site. All machines can be used directly after finish the connection, lower the installation cost.

Continuous production, easy operation, less operator required, this line only needs 1-2 operators, with less labor works. So the operation cost is lower which enlarge your pure profit by lower the production cost.

Wide application, it can produce various feed pellets for poultry, livestock, fish, etc, it’s suitable for small and medium feed production.

We are a professional manufacturer of the feed making machine. This feed manufacturing equipment is widely used for making fish feed, cattle feed and chicken feed. Actually, it has a much wider application field such as making feed for cattle, chicken, pig, duck and many other livestock. For more product knowledge or want to buy feed pellet machine, please contact us.

Why Buy a Goose Feed Pellet Machine?

The pellet feed produced by the goose feed pellet machine has high nutritional value, and can be mixed and pressed with a variety of raw materials and extruded. Moreover, the utilization rate of pellet feed is extremely high, reaching more than 95%. Compared with the waste of powder, pellet feed can be very economical. The pellets pressed by the feed pellet machine are pressed at high temperature. During the pressing process, the temperature can reach between 70 and 80 degrees, so the pellets produced are matured. Moreover, pellet feed kills many bacteria during high temperature suppression, so the prevalence of animals will be significantly reduced.

The storage time of pellet feed is long, usually from six months to one year. In addition, pellet feed can mix and suppress a variety of raw materials, which is more nutritious, which is why many farmers choose pellet feed. In addition, the raw materials pressed by the goose feed pellet machine are cheap and easy to collect. Since most of the farms are located in rural or suburban areas, it is easy to collect corn, bran, etc., coupled with the self-made raw materials and the automation of the pellet machine, the cost is low and it is very practical.

Mixed Form of Goose Feed

1. Powder mixing: After processing various raw materials into dry powder, mix them evenly and press them into granules for feeding. This form saves labor and trouble, and prevents geese from picky eating.

2. Mixing of powder and pellets: that is, the grains in the ration are still granular, mixed together, and fed several times a day, and the mixed powder containing animal protein, calcium powder, salt, and additives are supplemented.

3. Mixing of refined and coarse materials: process the concentrated feed into powder, mix it with chopped grass, green vegetables or juicy rhizomes, etc., and feed it. Calcium powder and additives are generally mixed in powder, and sand can be used separately. Hold in a container. Feeding geese with the latter two mixed forms of feed tends to cause excessive or insufficient intake of certain nutrients.

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